Have you ever heard about Morocco tours?

What would you say about Morocco tours? It is something special and unforgettable.
Wonderful beaches, snows of the High Atlas, cedar woods and evergreen oak groves on the average the Atlas, picturesque gorge of the river Rdat, numerous monuments of culture, the Arabian horse competitions with shooting from guns, and also magnificent souvenirs, involve tourists in Morocco in Morocco tours. In Rabat - a museum of antiquity, the Museum of the Moroccan art, a 69-meter minaret of XII century named " tower of Hasan ", the rests of Yakub al-Mansur's mosque (XII century), the mausoleum in which there are tombs of kings Mahamad of the Fifth and Hasan the Second, in an old part of city - Medina, fortress Kazba constructed in XII century and a residence of king. In Meknes named by the Moroccan Versailles - a palace of the sultan with a garden, threefold fortifications, the big market. In business capital Morocco, Casablanca - Great mosque of Hasan II, in a business part of city rises a monumental block of a cathedral Notre-Damm, ruins of a city of Anfa being by a line. In Fes - city where ran Magomed when in Mecca he was threatened with danger, - mosque Myali-Idris (IX century), one of the most protected relics - not and an animal it is forbidden to moslems even to come nearer to her. In city also there is one of the first modern thermal centers in the kingdom, one of the oldest universities of the world, about 800 mosques. As well as all the Moroccan cities during Morocco tours, Fes it is divided on two parts - old Fes an Ale-Bali and new Fes an Ale-Jedid where there is a summer palace of king. Among numerous museums of the country it is considered the richest an archeologic museum in Tetuan with an extensive collection of exhibits karfagen and the Roman periods, and also subjects of Islamic art. In Marrakech - a palace of the sultan with a garden, fortifications, tombs sultan's families, mosque of Kytybiy (XII century), a known mounting skiing resort (in 75 km. From city, height - 2600 m., The snow lays here more than 5 months in a year), numerous restaurants in an old part of city - Medina. In Morocco tours you'll know that the city of Voljubilis concerns to the period of the Roman sovereignty and is located at feet of mountain Zerhuna. He has been constructed in II - III centuries, these are the most beautiful and expressive ruins of the Roman period in Morocco. Terms, apartment houses, etc. Agadir - the best Atlantic resort of Morocco are dug out and partially restored the Capitol, a basil, with boundless sandy beaches and an excellent climate - the temperature of air even in December on falls below + 22 With, in the summer, owing to cool Canary current, here there are no exhausting heat - average temperature +28-30 With, here 300 days in a year shine the sun. The small town Ualidija (between Safi and Ale-Jadid) is famous for the tremendous beach. In the north - a popular resort Tangiers. " White city " - the center of beach rest on coast of Atlantic ocean. Here go to enjoy the sun (more than 300 sunny days in a year), to bathe in ocean, to be engaged in surfing, to play a golf, to go for a drive on horses, to be engaged in "thalassotherapy". In Agadir there is the best beach at all Atlantic coast Morocco. Except for magnificent beaches and the excellent service, one of his main sights - markets. In the center is Gran Zokko (the Big market) where late there is a hazardous and noisy tender, snake charmers, trainers of monkeys, conjurers show the art. Assuveira, in olden time city of the pirates located in 170 km. In Morocco tours you'll meet with new culture of berber. To the north from Agadir, it is at the moment very popular among vindserfingers and divings. In a southern part of Morocco the zone of berber's architecture, stretched from a valley of the river Sousse in Anti-Atlas up to oasis tafilalet is located. Majestic berbers' settlements are literally merged with surrounding nature. On the Atlantic plain most ancient of the constructions which have been found out in territory of Morocco, - the rests of Phoenician colonies I of a millenium B.C. are located. National parks - Toubkal, Tazzeka.
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