Mazda Miata MX 5. Roadster. It is associated with freedom...

Feelings when starting... 8 seconds? What are you telling about? The roar of the wind, merging with the roar of engineer... (Mazda has specially worked on an exhaust) After 120-130 km/hr ears are already stuffed up, it seems speed is over 200...Not for ordinary transportation has it combined the best from the motorcar and the motorcycle. Process of driving... It is for pleasure, for soul's delight.

It is universally recognized that the cradle of roadsters is England, land of eternal rains, mists and lovers of seaside resorts. There, as it is rumored, the history of Mazda Miata MX 5 was begun with a group of automobile companies, including Lotus. However then half-done model was bought by Mazda - Japan corporation. As the result of English idea and foremost technologies of Japan, one can see a wonderful car.

Construction is made in best traditions. Two-seater body with soft and folding top. Some details( bonnet, lid of boot, frame of glass and some power details) are made of aluminum. Engineer is situated in front, almost in base, which ensures perfect weighing on axles. Hither to now one will not find an engineer more strong (and more heavy, as consequence) than 1.8-liter, 140HP. It is done in order to keep this ideal balance. As in all roadsters, the drive is back, with mechanical gearbox. Suspension bracket is independent, from the front and from the back on double diametrical levers.

Proportions of Mazda MX 5 remind Lotus Elan of 50-s. From the previous model the car is different with lighting engineering, more aggressive bumper with fitted fog-lamps and new 16-inches discs.
Nevertheless, plasticity, elegance, style and lightness remain customary. In addition, new Mazda Miata MX 5 has something resembling with Jaguar XK-8, especially on the front look. Eyes, mouth, hump on the bonnet. It seems that the car will say"Rrrrrr..." at the next moment.

It is noticeable, that design was worked out reckoning on the folded top, but being raised, it is not spoil the impression at all. Actually, to raise it you need only to free a couple of locks and give the top back, which everybody can do himself or herself. Trying to seat under the tent, one (it is rather predictable) would feel lack of space on height and restriction of field of vision from sides and from behind. You can also book rigid top with warming back glass, which can be folded as well. (Plastic window of tent is warmed too). As a body, salon is remade solid. The level of fuel, tachometer, and the pressure of oil, speedometer and temperature of motor - all is in the spirit of the age.

There are no pretentious novelties in design, no luxury materials, only an excellent ergonomic and seat. Legs are stretched, back is almost vertical, optimal steer wheel Nardi is on the necessary height (it does not have regulations); pedals are also on its place. Lever of hand brake is situated in such way, that it is inconvenience to turn on gears without its delivery. The position of bench hummer must be likeable for those, who in the habit of its using in control.

The volume of boot is bigger, than you can wait from roadster.
New leather seats with developed side support and integrated headrest has only two adjustments - on the length and on the angle of back pitch. Really, the salon can seem to be rather tight, but in case of strong maneuvers, when side support does not manage, one would be unfailingly fixed by close upholstery of the door on the one side and high tunnel of transmission on the other one. The front view is obstructed by low glass frame a little bit.

Caressing rumbling of the motor. Its turns must be raised to 2500-3000 to make a move confidently. All in all it likes this number- one shouldn't to low it in order to support active temp. Gearbox works wonderfully, short strokes, clear, light turnings over. Steer wheel can boast with its comprehension and sharpness, clear zero and instantaneous reaction. On the other hand, it is a minus during parking - one cannot rule with one hand. And in moving both limbs are working. Suspension bracket is a match for steer wheel: hard as in sport cars, it conscientiously outlines the profile of road; the car tangibly leaps on hummocks.

Comfort in Miata auto is sacrificed to controllability. Steadiness is amazing, during turns Mazda Miata MX 5 behaves as a real SUV with back driving gear, skidding is easily regulated by gas and steer wheel.

Good brakes. Free motion of pedal is on the big side, but one would get accustomed quickly. ABS works correctly and in time, does not annoy without the need.

Not ungroundlessly got the best of references, this "chameleon" car gifts great impressions and emotions. Moreover, the fame of Mazda Miata MX 5 is not dying. New Mazda Ibuki is on the road.



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