Maui Winter Vacations

Maui is known for its indescribable sunsets, water sports, multi-colored beaches, lush rainforests alive with waterfalls, quaint fishing villages, serpentine road to charming Hana, rolling hills with sprawling ranches, world-class golf and tennis, Haleakala crater, and historic Lahaina Town, the former government and whaling capital of Hawaii.

The "Aloha State" is a kingdom ruled by the sun and guided by a warm, welcoming people. Spectacular resorts dot the coastlines and world class dining, shopping and beaches beckon. With six neighbor islands, it can be difficult to decide which Hawaiian Island is right to choose. Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kauai and the Big Island of Hawaii - all offer magnificent scenery and a wonderful South Seas ambiance, yet all offer their own unique vacation experience. Luckily, frequent air service and island cruises make it easy to get from one island to another.

Visit one, or visit them all - along the way you can learn about the fascinating history of Hawaii, from it's volcanic birth to its induction into statehood. Come and experience the "Aloha Spirit" of Hawaii's friendly people; enjoy a year-round consistent climate and an endless array of activities. The Hawaii, the most desirable dream of your imagination does exist, and it's available right now!

Spend your Hawaiian winter vacation staying in Maui. Whichever explanation you prefer, Maui is known for its spectacular resorts, where guests receive the finest variety of services, accommodations, and deluxe amenities.

The mythic aura of this island begins high atop Mauna Haleakala, a towering, dormant volcano whose crater is big enough to hold Manhattan. Its slopes descend down to 33 miles of pristine beaches, then further into the waters off its shores, where endangered humpback whales find a safe home. Maui could be called the activity capital of the world, with more than one hundred optional activities to be experienced by land, sea or air. Relax on the beautiful sandy beaches or explore historic Lahaina, once Hawaii's Royal capital and later a famous whaling town. Taking the Road to Hana and the Seven Pools is an unforgettable trip. The road itself is a twisting narrow ribbon that weaves in and out of sea cliffs, mountains, valleys and waterfalls, and through rainforests and jungles of ferns. It is a visually spectacular journey that should not be missed. Maui is a true haven for golfers. Practice your swing on a great variety of courses, each with unique characteristics and spectacular vistas.

Maui and its immediate neighbors offer probably the best scuba diving in the Hawaiian islands. The most popular spots are in the vicinity of Molokini Crater, off South Maui. Learners and inexperienced divers start by exploring the sheltered, shallow "Inside Crater" area, and eventually progress to the "Back Wall," with its huge drop-offs. There's also a good shore diving at Black Rock in Ka'anapali and in La Pérouse Bay, while the most spectacular dives of all lie off southern Lanai, within easy reach of a day's boat-trip from Maui. A huge number of companies arrange diving excursions in the waters off Maui and Lanai, with the largest operator Maui Dive Shop.

Parasailing, which is a bit like waterskiing, except you suddenly find yourself several hundred feet up in the air, has become very popular in the waters just off Ka'anapali and Lahaina in West Maui. To avoid disturbing humpback whales during their winter migrations, however, it's only permitted between mid-May and mid-December.

Surf aficionados rate several Maui sites as equal to anything on Oahu's fabled North Shore, with Honolua Bay on the northern tip of West Maui, and Jaws off Ha'iku in the east, as the greatest of all. You need to be a real expert to join the locals who surf at these kind of places, however - the beginners would do better to start out at spots such as Lahaina and Ka'anapali beaches. The peak season is between November and March.
Maui is renowned as the world's most sublime windsurfing destination. Legendary Ho'okipa Beach Park, just east of Pa'ia on the central isthmus, is a mecca for devotees and the place where all major championships throughout the year are held.

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