Marbella attractions - Unique Excitement Amid the Beauty of the Sea

What formerly was just a small Andalusian fishing-village turned into one of the most exciting holiday resorts along the Mediterranean coast. Marbella is one of the favorite places of the rich and beautiful and is undisputedly the "quality resort" of the Costa del Sol where everything seems to be more stylish. Whether it's the beach, nightclubs, restaurants or shopping, Marbella attractions add up to unique excitement amid the beauty of the sea!

Marbella is an upscale resort of the Costa del Sol, where restaurants and bars are more stylish and everything costs considerably more. Marbella offers beautiful boulevards, parks and gardens, as well as those romantic narrow lanes in the best Moorish or Andalusian tradition that make its unmistakable personality.

One of major Marbella attractions is beautiful beaches on a length of 26 kilometers. Fans of any kind of water-sports will find great possibilities on the 24 different beaches and if watching the many beautiful yachts that anchor in Marbella has put you in the mood to have some cruise you may rent a yacht yourself.

Funny Beach is not just a beach, although you can certainly enjoy the water and sand. This fun park is located on the coast-side of the entrance arch to Marbella and offers everything you could possibly imagine to have a good time: go-karts, elastic beds to jump on, colored trampolines, a video-game room, miniature golf, pinball machines, darts, etc. In addition, there is an enormous area set up so the little ones can have a ball.

You can find Marbella attractions dispersed throughout the city. Plaza de los Naranjos is not only geographically the central point of Marbella, but as well the center of life at day- and nighttime. It is a nice square in typical Andalusian style with some Moorish influences, and its name comes from the many orange-trees growing there. Have a look at its 15th century Renaissance fountain, the 16th century town-hall and the 17th century Casa del Corregidor.

Starting from here you may have a walk through the romantic narrow streets in-between white houses with balconies decorated with amounts of flowers. Basilica Vega del Mar is where you'll find a paleo-Christian construction built by the Visigoths in the 4th century and unlike anything else in Spain. Nearby, is a necropolis that was discovered at the beginning of the past century.

The remains of these Roman baths, known locally as Las Bovedas, are among popular Marbella attractions. You can visit these baths along with the better conserved Villa Romana (Roman villa).

Originally built in 1505 with a surprising architectural design and size for the period, Iglesia Mayor de la Encarnacion church stands in Plaza de la Iglesa. It is the city's most important. Most of the current building was raised in 1712. The main facade dates from 1756 and is the work of the artists Pedro del Castillo and Salvador Galvez.

Parque de la Alameda is a lovely park full of greenery. The park has been revamped several times becoming what is now known as Avenida del Mar, with half a dozen sculptures by Salvador Dali. In the centre, there's a large ceramic fountain, surrounded by ceramic benches.

Casco Antiguo - the Old Quarter is an antique neighborhood full of romance complete with narrow, winding cobblestone streets is probably the most popular of all Marbella attractions. A trip anywhere near Marbella will be incomplete without a visit there.

Great beaches, great climate and a unique offer in gastronomy, entertainment and attractions make a visit of Marbella a guarantee for unforgettable exclusive holidays.

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