Make non alcoholic beer taste better in cocktails!

A glass ofcold beer may be an excelent variant, be it a hot summer day or not. Lovers of beer know that. And what about beer cocktails? Whether you have heard about them or not - all of you can make your favourite sort of beer taste even better than it tastes in its traditional way of drinking. Make you favoutite beer cocktails alcoholic or non alcohoic, just as you wish!

Non alcoholic beer is a barley and malt beverage which is designed to look and taste just like the traditional, alcoholic one.

As a matter of fact, many popular brands of alcoholic beverages have their low-alcohol variants. So non alcoholic beer is just a generic term for great variety of different beverages. The appearance and taste of non-alcoholic beer may vary depeding on the brewery, the ingredients used, and many other factors, just like the traditional beer.

The term of non alcoholic beer is a little misleading, because, most of the beverages anyway contain a certain amount of alcohol. In some countries, for instance, in the United States all beers containing up to 0.5% alcohol by volume can be called non alcoholic. That's 5 parts per thousand, of one tablespoon per half liter of the beverage. Compare this percentsge with 4.5% alcohol content the traditional beer have on average. Most brands have the alcohol percentage between 0.35 and 0.48. And only few have zero percentage.

Low alcohol content makes these beers legal for youth and adults under 21 to consume. Besides, non alcoholic beer is a good alternative for you if you can not afford alcohol for medical reasons, or simply have an imporrtant meeting tomorrow.

Beer is not the beverage disposing to inventing different ways of drinking it. The taste of beer is so specific, that the idea of mixing it in cocktails rarely occurs. Beer connoisseurs may even argue that beer cannot taste better that it does in its pure form.

But let us be daring experimentators, not purists. At you can find some classic beer cocktails. All kinds of beer are used there. You may use alcoholic or non alcoholic beer.

An important note about the beer: that non alcoholic beer is reputed not to have a perfect flavour. It may be true, but referring to cheap ones. And if the flavour of your cocktail does not satisfact you it is must be due to the quality of the beer, even if the beer is not the basic ingredient.  So we advice to purchase the most expensive brands of non alcoholic beer for your cocktails.

Let's revent to beer cocktails. You can make beer cocktails with everything that adds freshness - the result usually uis beyond all expectations.

One of hte classic variants of beer cocktails is the mixture of beer and ginger beer, ginger ale or lemonade. This drink is especially popular in Great Britain; in fact this cocktail is an old British tradition, beginning somewhere in 17th sentury. The drink is known as "shandy". This drink is considered to give all the pleasures of beer, and lemonade adds some refreshment.

In general, the tastes of beer and citruses are mutually complementary. You may add a dash of lime juice or lime cordial to a light lager and enjoy. Or mix beer with orange juice (dark beer is recommended). 

Beer may also be the basic ingredient used to prepare punches. To prepare non alcoholic punch use non alcoholic beer as an nigredient. Here you'll find a citrus-beer punch:

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