MAH - umbrella for all Malaysian hotels

The MAH, Malaysian Association of Hotels, makes a great contribution into the development and promotion of the Malaysian hospitality industry and tourism. It joins Malaysian hotels into one representative body and improves cooperation between members and associate members. It encourages each member to offer a high quality product and keeps every hotel owner informed of all changes in the world of travelers. It promotes friendly relationships between the industry and the customer and represents its members on the website to increase the visitors' influx.

The MAH is a leading organization in Malaysia that promotes international, regional and domestic tourism and its role and activities in the development of the Malaysian hotel industry can hardly be overestimated. It provides educational programs to its members, enhancing the professionalism of Malaysian hotel managers and staff. The MAH helps its members achieve higher standards and deliver a quality product to a customer. It maintains some cooperation and a competition between members and associate members and has already achieved many positive results.

The MAH was initially established by a group of enterprising, committed to the industry development hoteliers to develop a more dynamic and more competitive hospitality industry, and started operating on March, first, 1974. On May, 1975, the organization was officially registered with the Registrar of Societies as Malaysian Association of Hotels & Restaurants (MAHAR). In 1982, the MAHAR amended its constitution and was renamed as MAH. Today, the MAH has a total of three hundred and ninety three members, including eleven associate members, which represent seventy four thousand eight hundred and thirteen rooms. The MAH comprises seventy one hotels of the five-star category, seventy four of the four-star category, seventy four of the three-star category and eighty eight of other categories.

The MAH constantly conducts researches in the Malaysian hotel industry and presents its members with relevant issues and reports. It has surveyed the impact of SARS and Asian bird flu on the development of the industry and helped its members avoid the retrenchment through stimulus packages and cost-cutting measures as well as negotiating with the government for receiving some assistance in some significant areas, such as a deferment of the five percent government tax for one year, a deferment of the human resources development fund for one year and lowering the base lending rate to the hotel industry. During the SARS outbreak, the Association was committed to design attractive packages for government seminars and functions and promoting domestic tourism. In general, the organization came out with many measures that helped keep the industry afloat, and already in 2004, hoteliers could expect a much higher occupancy of rooms in their hotels.

Along with supporting and promoting its members, the MAH is each customer-oriented organization. Its website provides information and an online reservation for its member hotels, permitting more Malaysian hotels become available outside the country. The website featured properties are some of the best Malaysia resorts and hotels, including such treasures as the Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel, a multiple hotel venue, consisting of one thousand two hundred and thirty four guestrooms, villas, suites and serviced residences, numerously awarded for the service of excellence, the Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur, a venue, known for a professional assistance to business travelers and a variety of facilities for dining and drinking. These two can compete confidently with many world hotel leaders in a number and variety of facilities, staff professionalism, design aspects and technological advance.

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