La Rochelle hotels: destinations to stay

France is a perfect place for your vacations. You can do whatever you want there: shopping, museums, local points of interest and other wonderful things are waiting for you in this country. But in La Rochelle itself you can really touch the history and know more about the ancient times. The settlement of La Rochelle was founded in the 9th century on those lands. And in three centuries a town was built on the territory of the old settlement, its prosperity talking about itself then. With the time passed La Rochelle became a trade centre because of its harbor, and now it is a popular tourist destination annually visited by thousands of people from around the globe.
Perhaps, it is no wonder today that people like to visit France. And not the last reason of it is the locals` ability to cook. In fact, France is the country where food preparing has become a real art. Only in this magnificent area you can taste such types of dishes as frog's legs or onion soup. But the main point of tourists' interest is, probably, famous and delightful French wine. Actually, wines are popular all around the globe, but this country has a merited right to be the best, the first and a truly professional vine-maker. And though not all the regions of the country produce this drink, it can be found everywhere, so if you want to visit La Rochelle and drink wine at the same time you are not to be afraid of missing one of these purposes. If you are going to visit France you should think about the place where to stay. To note, La Rochelle hotels are renowned as very comfortable. For instance, Comfort Hotel Saint Nicolas, which is 2-stars category, can make you interested. It offers 79 rooms and there you will find parking (free), pets allowed, bar, newspaper, elevator and some other facilities, which cannot be superfluous. Romantic persons and just walkaholics will be happy to know that this hotel is located near the harbor and not far from the city centre, so they will be able to go out for promenade walking any time they want. La Rochelle hotels also distinguish with their friendly and hospitable staff teams always ready to help. In Hotel Saint Nicolas you will find breakfast in rooms and the Internet service available. The room in this hotel costs from 62 Euros. It is not a big price for good service, and on paying it you will have a chance to have a good rest and to sleep well. Another representative of La Rochelle hotels is the Masqhotel, which is 3-stars type, and it can easily prove to you its high service quality and good accommodations just after your arrival. It differs not only from other hotels, but even from the whole La Rochelle. Beside the old streets and tiny houses Masqhotel looks very unexpected making out of this panorama because of its hypermodern view and the 21st century planning. The price of a room in this hotel is from 130 Euros. Banquet facilities, the Internet service, business centre, parking, bar, 24 hour frond deck and some other facilities are available there. It is advantageously located near the train station and the exhibition centre. There is also one more hotel in the city, which is just wonderful, and it is impossible to say nothing about it. Hotel residence de France is a 4-stars rated hotel. And that is the place where you can get the supreme comfort; wherever you are, you will never find a more pleasant place than this hotel. Nice apartments, minibar, picturesque decorations, private car park and - the most exciting - a fireplace make the hotel extremely attractive for guests. To conclude, La Rochelle hotels are fascinating offering you a lot of amenities, which will help you feel satisfied and full of energy and desire to see all the monuments in this remarkable place, full of historical facts and interesting stories. People certainly come to La Rochelle not to enjoy good hotel rooms, but to see the local points of interest, monuments and observe great views, which are opened before us, as we are looking at the harbor or walking along the city streets; but anyway, comfortable accommodations play a big role in vacation planning and further greatly influence our mood. Thus, why spare on comfort if it is an essential of our lives?
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