Lang River in Soppong - the gate to most unexpected discoveries

The Lang River in Soppong is an starting point to start a cave expedition in the region. Soppong is home to numerous unique caves, some are the largest in the world. The caves contain not only an interesting prehistoric replica, but also contribute to the evolution of unique organisms in the rivers of Thailand. The scientists have discovered several species of cave fish and some species only await a scientific description.
Soppong, a remote village in the Mae Hong Son province, Thailand, is not an overcrowded tourist destination. However, curious tourists, who happen to discover this marvelous natural paradise in Thailand tourist brochures, guides or on the map, hurry up to the region to see it with their own eyes.

The region is actually worth visiting. Imagine that you find yourself on the peace of land, where the life has not changed for the last few centuries, where rapid rivers flow through wild jungles and giant caves, where hilltribes live in huts and make food on fire, where many prehistoric relics date back to over a thousand years. Soppong is known for the abundance of caves in the area, and some are among the largest in the world.

Almost all accommodation facilities are located along the Lang River in Soppong, which is not only perfect for kayaking, rafting and heading for exploration of surroundings and unique caves, but also a very spectacular and untouched natural reservoir.

There is still almost primeval forest and jungle along the Lang River in Soppong, inhabited by water monitors, squirrels, flying lizards, slow loris, fruit bats (both the winged and two-legged varieties). People say that they have seen flying monkeys and wild macaque monkeys in the area of the Lang River in Soppong. The Lang River in Soppong is also ideal for birding and butterfly watching.

The Lang River in Soppong as well as several other rivers in the Mae Hong Song Province northwest is home to a rich diversity of cave fishes, some of which are only gradually revealed. The cave fishes are distributed from seven major caves located in region. In seven of the caves in the area, two species of the uncommon eyeless cave fish have been found. One of the varieties uses their fins to 'walk' up waterfalls. Some species only await a description, and the scientists expect new discoveries come soon.

In addition, the Lang River in Soppong is a starting point to see the world-class caves in the region. A Lang River trip is one of the most recommended and challenging activities in Soppong. The river has small rapids, but it takes time to master your kayak handling skills and learn to meander down the river slowly.

The Lang River flows through the largest cave system Tham Lot (1,666m), which is filled with stalactites and stalagmites, and home to numerous bats and swifts. It takes about fifteen minutes to navigate through absolute darkness, explore marvelous lime formations, lit only by electric torches, and listen to the sound of bats.

Then the river flows on the downstream past a wonderful scenery and over small rapids. During the dry season, the river is low and rapids are not fast. However, sometimes the river is very high. Hence, the bungalows, inns and other accommodation facilities are built high above the river level. Nevertheless, in 2005, the river was at the highest level for about forty years and the biggest flood swept away several buildings on the riverbank. The sight of the river going out of its borders is certainly very exciting; but the damage is also terrifying.
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