La belle France cycling and walking tours

With so much to experience on our amazing planet, it makes sense to take a cycling or walking tour in France, the number one travel destination worldwide. France travel is a unique experience as you explore delightful, independent cycling and walking holidays through some of the most beautiful and interesting parts of France.
Rich in culture, history and cuisine France appeals to many people from all around the world. The country of dreamers, France offers a wide range of all the diversity, culture, and experiences of travel tours from Paris to the countryside. France cycling tours as well as France walking tours are the best option for people who are curious about life and culture, enjoy fine dining, excellent wine, history, art, and being outdoors and active. The French have a nickname for the bicycle: la petite reine, or the little queen. With the country's fondness for the queen of the road, its vast network of quiet back roads, magnificent scenery, and scrumptious eateries, it's the perfect choice for discovering the world on two wheels. Numerous self guided tour itineraries, lasting a few hours to two months offer you a great deal of independence. They are some of the best France cycling tours in the country for neophytes, veterans, and off-roaders. In Paris you can take the bike paths along the Seine or all the way to Monet's gardens in Giverny. The Loire Valley offers intimate excursions beside sandstone villages and scenic waterways. Take the tiny, winding roads of Provence to see perched villages and spectacular panoramas of the Cote d'Azur, or dip into Champagne for the terraced vineyards of Dom Perignon.
One of the most spectacular France cycling tour spots is Burgundy - a fascinating and rich area of France. The bicycle takes you along the historic Canal de Bourgogne and quiet back roads to fortified villages, magnificent chateaux and abbeys which bear testimony to the wealth and power of the church and state in medieval France.
Alsace is another exciting France cycling destination. Alsace is a part of the region that is nestled between the beautiful Vosges mountains in France and the borders of Germany and Switzerland, Alsace is a region rich in tradition. Alsace is a combination of cultures and therefore charm. The famous Route du Vin (wine route) encompasses at least 100 wine producing villages between Strasbourg and Colmar, creating some of France's best wines. Also offers gourmet cuisine and has more Michelin star restaurants than any other region. Experience gastronomy in refined and traditional dishes like the famous baeckeofe. The beauty of its traditional architecture will surprise you with villages of half timbered houses decked with colorful flowers.
For those up to the challenge, there's the dramatic volcanic landscape of the Massif Central, with its steep climbs and sweeping descents. The tour includes a ride on the island of Corsica, with its rugged coastal scenery and prehistoric sites.
In addition to cycling there are walking tour vacations in France. Walking destinations abound throughout France, with creative itineraries that feature the best of each region.
Both cycling and walking tours are a wonderful way of exploring quiet corners of France at your own pace. Go ahead and enjoy la belle France as you discover its beauty and grandeur for yourself.
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