Kiribati travel offers complete relaxation from daily routine

Distant and secluded, Kiribati island group offers unique travel experiences. You will not find entertainment facilities, luxury hotels, and many attractions, but an eternal ocean, unspoiled nature and indigenous culture. Fishing, diving, swimming and canoe racing are popular water activities, while other entertainment includes soccer, volleyball and dancing.
As many destinations in the Pacific Ocean, Kiribati is a natural tropical paradise. Kiribati travel is not appropriate for those who seek advanced entertainment facilities and organized activities; it is for those who look for unspoiled beaches and lagoons, cool breezes and eternity of the ocean, lush tropical settings and marvelous reefs.

Water and beach activities are the most popular. Fish are found in profusion and Kiribati travel is a wonderful opportunity to experience peculiarities of true fishing. The ocean waters and lagoons are full of bonefish, trevally, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, sailfish, groupers and sharks. Marine life is extremely diverse and diving is the best way to explore underwater myriads. Some islands offer wonderful possibilities for windsurfing.

You will find here no casinos and resorts, but some restaurants that offer a wide selection of dishes and many tasteful local specialties. Local food is distinguished for simplicity and freshness. The only species that are used in cooking are salt and sugar; the main ingredients are locally growing fruit and fish.

Although Kiribati travel does not include hanging out in bars and nightclubs, spa and massages, star concerts and theater visits, it gives a chance to learn and enjoy the unique culture of locals. Join villagers and play soccer and volleyball or take part in canoe racing, popular on all Kiribati islands. In addition, Kiribati canoes are some of the fastest in the world and require mastery and balance to maneuver them. Hence, you may have a quite challenging experience as you learn to operate a Kiribati canoe in the winds.

Traditional dancing is a beautiful and impressive spectacle. Kiribati dances are diverse and many families maintain their own dance styles that pass down from one generation to another. Maneaba is a special feast where families perform their dances. Kiribati islands are also famous for the finest handicrafts in the South Pacific and you will find plenty of unique things in local shops.

The Republic of Kiribati also maintain interesting and deep-rooted traditions of marriage, family and divorce. First, a bride's virginity is important and must be proven on the wedding night. Otherwise, young couple chooses elopement as to avoid talk and disgrace of the village. After a wedding, a woman lives with the family of her husband and learns from his relatives how to be a good wife. If a man dies, an unwed brother is to undertake his place in the marriage. Divorce is conducted by the family and not by the court.

Important facts about weather, flights and accommodation:

Kiribati travel can be planned any month except the wet season that lasts from November to February. Direct flights to Kiribati are available from Honolulu. You can also fly to Kiribati from Fiji via Siva and from Funafuti, Tuvalu.

The hotels in Tarawa, the capital of Kiribati, are mostly of economy type; thus, you may plan Kiribati travel on a very tight budget. Eventhough, the prices are low, the accommodation facilities are reasonably good.
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