Kamloops - Outdoor Enthusiast`s Dream!

Bathed in sunshine, blessed with a soft and appealing climate, architected with heart, Kamloops is a must place to visit in Canada. Kamloops is an outdoor enthusiast's dream with all the lakes, fairways, and nature trails you'll need for golfing, fishing, boating & kayaking, walking, hiking, and mountain biking. Add here fantastic accommodation, you'll find a place to stay both comfortable for your budget and style.

Kamloops is centrally located in the heart of British Columbia's Interior. The first tribes (Shuswap people) first named the area "T'kemlups," which means 'coming together'.  And the city proves its name - Kamloops connected with Vancouver, Calgary, the Okanagan and Northern British Columbia by four major highways. Service by three railways and a regional airport makes Kamloops so easy to get to.

You are sure to make Kamloops a part of your travel plans and come explore the world of adventure.  Kamloops is becoming a choice destination for companies and organizations holding major conferences. Our city offers 16 convention facilities, ranging in size from 816 square feet to more than 48,000 square feet, and a number of hotels with meeting facilities.  It is usually offered five major destination resorts in the Kamloops area; each of them is personally tailored. 

 It is purposeless to enumerate reasons why to visit Kamloops, as practically each visitor will find something special for himself.  For examples, those looking for sun breaks can experience the warmest summers in Canada (Kamloops has an average temperature of 27.2 C during June, July and August).  Kamloops mild four season climate provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy both summer and winter activities - so your vacation time will be provided with glorious weather anyway. Nature lovers can undertake the longest visit of the Kamloops parks, the whole number of which is the most of any community in British Columbia - 84 parks in the city. A lot of zoos and botanical gardens make Kamloops the city of discovering possibilities - such an amount of different species is hardly to be found anywhere else.

Kamloops nature  supplies  the area with enormous number of green fields need for golfing, lakes and rivers  fishing, boating  and  kayaking, paths for walking, hiking, and mountain biking.  Practically all accommodation packages include a round of golf or a day of skiing, as active pastime is the norm of life here.  The area is an outdoor enthusiast's dream, indeed.   Not surprisingly Kamloops is the Tournament capital of Canada. But on the whole, Kamloops offers all the amenities of a larger centre: an art gallery, a professional theatre company, a symphony orchestra, two museums, and cultural events such as the Wildlights Festival at Christmas and the International Film Festival in spring.

Those looking for a purely country vacation, you are certainly to visit Kelowna, which is a stunning lakeside setting and year-round recreational pursuits that draw visitors from around the globe. It is only half-an hour drive from Kamloops, so chance this opportunity if ever have a desire to leave the blessed city. Bathed in sunshine, granted with a soft and appealing climate, and built with heart and a sense of what makes living an adventure, Kamloops is a wonderful place to visit!

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