Jamaica - The Biggest Little Island In The World

Jamaica has a lot of sports and special-interest activities for those to whom bumming out on the beach sounds boring.

From the warm ocean breezes of Montego Bay to the glitzy shores of Negril, Jamaica remains a favorite destination for sun seekers of all ages and interests. The island is well-known for its all-inclusive resorts that cater to families, couples and singles.  From exciting hikes through mysterious landscapes to heart-stopping descents into dark caves and deep waters, Jamaica's adventurous side promises to thrill chary enthusiasts and dare devils alike.


Jamaica's shores are as beautiful below the surface as they are above, especially along the north coast, where conditions are wonderful for scuba diving. Treasures range from shallow reefs, caverns, and trenches, to walls and drop-offs just a few hundred yards off-shore. Most resorts provide small sailboats, and yachts and cruisers can be rented as part of hotel packages or at daily or weekly rates. Jamaica has spelunkers salivating. The island is honeycombed with limestone caves and caverns, particularly in the west, but extreme caution should always be exercised, especially in unmapped areas.


Jamaica has a lot of sports and special-interest activities for those to whom bumming out on the beach sounds boring. Hikers could spend weeks exploring Jamaica's embryonic trail system, mainly in the Blue Mountains, or tramping rough bridle tracks nationwide. Rugged Cockpit Country is little explored, yet tailor-made for experienced hikers. Horseback riding is a great way to explore Jamaica and most resort areas have stables. Many organized rides lead through plantations, with some trekking far into the country's interior.


Jamaica is home to lush tropical vegetation, breathtaking beaches and cascading waterfalls. Beneath the misty peaks of the Blue Mountains; British, Spanish and African cultures blend to create a unique 'feel-good' atmosphere, which the locals affectionately express as feeling 'irie'. Breathe in the heavenly scents of orchids and hibiscus and feel the rhythm of reggae beats and steel drums on this beautiful island.

Feel the adrenalin as you climb Dunn's River Falls and listen to the soothing rush of the water as it cascades into the sea.

 Beautiful white beaches characterise every resort and lead straight to the warm turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Negril has possibly the best beach on the island, its uncrowded sands stretching for seven miles. The beach resorts of Montego Bay and Ocho Rios have fine sandy beaches.

 Go rafting on the Rio Grande like the legendary Errol Flynn and glide past lush, tropical scenery. Explore Rose Hall, the renowned house of the 'White Witch' Annie Palmer, who is said to have murdered her three husbands.

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