Is our future for compact sport cars?

Our life is a play; our contemporary life is a competition. Nowadays sport penetrate into everything, that we are used to call prestige and expensive, and transport is not the exception. We all would like to feel ourselves Schumachers, to have our own half-cosmic car-rocket. Moreover, we want to be free of the problem of finding space vehicle launching site. Compact sport car are just the answer to our wishes, and this article is about them.

Miles and miles away, in the United States of America in the state Michigan, in Farmington Hills there is a new design center of Nissan Company. However, their first work is closer to us a little bit and it is concept compact sport car called Nissan AZEAL. The place of its destination is designated by its birthplace. According to the words of Ken Li (one of creators), this compact sport coupe must incarnate the spirit of such sport cars as Infiniti G35 or Nissan 350Z, but for more moderate prices. It is understatement that the car is beautiful, at the same time it is unmeaning to say anything at all, it is better to see one time. It is a very self-confident, prestige and stylish auto. Transparent top with the metal insert, active back spoiler with the integrated stop-signal, doubled exhaust pipes emphasize its contemporaneity, as well as air inlets of front brake mechanisms, hidden behind the fog lamps. The wheels are rather massive - 19inches; actually, it is not clear how the car is considered as compact one with such big and top-class wheels. The salon does not disappoint: colors and materials, irreproachably matching to each other, ventilating seats, high-tech panel...The mighty "inner world" of AZEAL is consist of 2.5-liter, 4-cylinder engine with turbo compressor, 6-step mechanic driving gear with drawn together gear rations, differential of increased friction.  Although some changes can appear in power unit, there is no doubt that one will see the car in serial production. It is expected in 2006, simultaneously with new model Nissan Sentra, which is being developed in common with the Renault Company.
Year 2004 is marked not only with the fact that it is leap year, but also with the new hatchback Reno, shown at auto salon in Detroit. Representatives of Suzuki call it "compact 5-doors sport universal". It is orientated to the broadest tastes of customers, and can be the help in one's life as a family car and a compact car for country trips at the same time. Reno is equipped with 2-liter, 4-cylinders, 126HP engine DOHC with 16 valves. In addition, there will be alternative between mechanic and automatic gearbox. The Italian ItalDesign developed the design of this compact sport car, and it cannot be called bad at any way. The price of Reno is depend on the equipment and varies at compass $13-15000.
Now some words about the recent history of compact sport cars. At auto salon in Frankfurt in year 2003, the world premier of CS&S (Compact Sports & Specialty) took place. This concept car from Toyota is an open sport car 2+2, something between Celica and MR2. CS&S is famous for its innovatory driving gear system: Hybrid-Synergy-Drive. It includes centrally situated 1.5-liter petrol engine for back wheels and mighty electricity engine for the front ones. Usually in hybrid systems, the main work is done by petrol or diesel motor, and electricity one is for minor functions and for beauty. Following to the conception of H-S-D, the creators have mounted in this car much more powerful electricity motor and have given to it more important role. As efficiency of it is higher than one of petrol motors, the economy of fuel and high performance are ensured. The design of CS&S is full of contrasts: sharp and angular lines change smooth curves and arcs - the freedom of creativity triumphs. Bent posts separate the place for driver and the place for passengers and together with seats continue the line of contrasts and sport spirit. 
There is an improvement of safety in salon as well: the seat of front passenger turns in such way, that it covers the whole cabin.
This amazing compact sport car comes across as a contemporary 2-seats roadster, which is the living picture of Hi-tech, but then...a trick! Extensible tent reveal to your sight comfortable back seats, making CS&S a real 2+2.
Another trait of CS&S is Toyota Space Touch - a complex interface system of audio, satellite navigation and e-mail. Without overstatements, it is a new level of contact between a man and a car. Being an apotheosis of IT, Toyota Space Touch is ruled by holographic projections: one needs to touch them to control air conditioner, navigation, Internet connection... Simplicity and functionality and scene of fantastic films. Prius of the second generation and concept car CS&S clearly shows that hybrid cars can be not the retarted set of bearings, but dynamic, powerful, alive systems that also help to keep our environment dirt free.
Moreover, they become the proofs that compact sport car can be a deserving variant for your compact auto rental.


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