Intimate atmosphere and great clubbing at Egg London club

Egg club in London is for people who love real house music. There's no pop, no hip hop, no Britney Spears. There's a good sound system, brilliant DJs playing an eclectic mix over three floors - from rock and metal in the basement, through hard dance and techno on the middle floor to electro/eighties and EBM in the loft. Egg is an excellent venue.
Egg - London club is a lovely venue with a quirky layout and brilliant outdoor spaces for the warmer months. This stylish club is located in the heart of King's Cross in London. Beautifully laid-out and well designed, Egg is a medium sized club, made up of three main spaces, laid out on three levels around a fabulous central courtyard, with terraces ideal for summer parties. The interior spaces are basic enough to maintain a warehousey feel. The spaces are not dissimilar in size but have clearly differentiated vibes; the bathrooms are clean and - what's more - there are enough so you never have to queue. Egg has around 1000 capacity: Main room holds 400 people, basement - 300 and loft - 200. Summertime produces nights reminiscent of Ibizan hedonism while the winter gives us cozy but heady times, all complete with an astroturf, slightly kitsch garden with balcony. The garden is complete with bar, full garden furniture, artificial grass and a large outside covered area perfect for chilling out on those summer evenings.
The vibe of Egg depends on the night you go to but by large the nights there are great. Club Egg London has an intimate atmosphere, 3 rooms, an outdoor balcony terrace and an open air courtyard decorated with ibizan flair for the summer. It also features state of the art 'Funktion 1' sound system on all 3 floors and winner of the BEDA (Bar, Entertainment and Dance Association) 'Best London Club' award for 2003. There are enough places in Egg to dance or sit down so you can do whatever you want to. The people are friendly and almost everyone is laughing. The cream of funky house, breaks and hard, dirty house are all on offer and there is something for everyone, although the more passionate about the music, the dancing and the vibe the better time you will have. The only minor caveat of Egg London club is the bar prices, which whilst by no means unusual, are certainly at the top end of OK; there's a happy hour in the Loft Bar between 5 and 7pm, though that's a little too early for most of us. Egg is a perfect venue for all nigh clubbing and it also has an after party every Sunday morning which starts as soon as the main event has come to a close. A Sunday afternoon leaving time can turn out to be quite tiresome on oneself and it's weird coming out of a club in the daylight on a Sunday afternoon. Just take dark sunglasses to wear on departure and make sure you have a whole day to recover! If anything, Egg - London club needs more press - it's stuck away in the back of beyond and as such is often overlooked in favor of the more popular, centrally placed clubs in town. With a seriously varied line-up of DJs, parties and promoters the nights at Egg have one thing in common: fun. This is not a place for pseuds or poseurs, and if you're not up for getting down, this isn't the club for you. Needless to say, it helps if you have a VIP pass. The staff at Egg can be rude, the security team aggressive. But don't let that stop you from enjoying this amazing club with great people and great atmosphere. Egg is sure to keep you dancing till noon!
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