Internet Shows - Previewing The Latest Technology That is Only one Click Away

The development of new technologies and means of communication created a demand for marketing events that would provide the Internet-related services, products and solutions with the aim of business improvement. One of the greatest events of its kind -- Internet World -- has been operating on the world market for more than fourteen years, catering for customers' needs in the areas ranging from hosting to search marketing. Internet shows provide a useful service as they preview the latest internet technology that really is only one click away.

Arranged first in 1991, Internet World has grown to the largest of UK Internet shows, attracting more exhibitors and customers than any other Internet business in the nation. In addition to its 100 exhibitors, demonstrating their services, solutions and products, Internet World also features a new technology in the environment, where it doesn't make any difficulty to evaluate competing alternatives. Customers of one of the greatest Internet shows are provided with protection for their businesses from security threats, a number of options to make their web sites work more efficiently and new ways to reach customers.

 As of 2005, Internet World was attended by 5,500 Internet decision makers in addition to 8,000 directors and marketing managers from the International Direct Marketing Fair, recognized as one of the most influential Internet shows. 39% of the Show's customers were first time visitors. As one of the best attended and longest running Internet shows in Europe, Internet World is recognized not only as a market place, but also a meeting place of relevant professionals. The event is considered to be of particular value for New Media marketing directors and managers, online marketing specialists, network managers and web designers and developers.

Over the years Internet World has established itself as the most successful event nationwide, in terms of closing business and lead generation. It is proud to be the source of an extensive list of prestigious customers, who come to see major solution categories on display at Internet World. Following changes in buying needs of its customers, the organizers of the show are constantly updating services, products and solutions to win critical acclaim.

 Internet World's close collaboration with Nielsen Net Ratings has resulted in the identification of the most attended information and ecommerce web sites in the United Kingdom. By combining this experience with some commercial organizations, Internet World identifies major decision makers, responsible for specific areas of hosting, content management, e-commerce and Internet marketing.

This in turn forms a database of decision makers for building telephone marketing campaign, e-mail and a direct mail. Currently key media and associations working with Internet World include Revolution, the Guardian, CBR, Marketing, Retail Tech, Government Business, Government Technology, DM, Information Age, PC Pro, Chinwag, the Register, Online Content UK, Content Wire and more to ensure that the more extensive list of customers are exposed to the evident benefits of visiting Internet World.

The 2006 Internet World Show will be co-located with the largest and the most significant marketing event in the nation, the International Direct Marketing Fair. The show will be also supported by its existing association and media partners, among which are 20 associations and 50 media organizations. Over 150 exhibitors and 5,550 professionals are expected to visit Internet World 2006? The largest gathering of technologies and marketing tools in the United Kingdom.

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