International Music Festival: invite the world to your city

Most people on the planet cannot imagine their lives without music. They visit all possible concerts, the majority having extensive knowledge of the existing music styles and admired singers and bands. Indeed, music is something absolutely special and mysterious. You don't need to master some languages, read a lot of books and be a scientist to love and understand music. It will always find the way to your heart. Thus, if your heart is already open to music you are welcome to visit the famous music events - festivals, and hardly will it be an exaggeration to refer the International Music Festival to the trendiest of the kind.
The history of the Deer Valley Chamber Music Festival goes back to 1984. It is Utah's oldest Classical Music Festival. Not long ago the name of the Festival changed to Park City International Music Festival, but it didn't have any influence on its fame and popularity. The Festival usually invites outstanding world-class solo artists from all around the world to perform chamber music both in Park City and Salt Lake City. It is to be mentioned that the artist selection here is very strict. You must be a real virtuoso in playing to get to the Festival. But the very this distinguishing trait of the Festival has brought it a world fame during the first three years of its existence. Since 1984 the International Music Festival has presented over 480 concerts both indoors and out, in Park City, in Coalville, at Carnegie's Weill Hall in New York, in Salt Lake City, at Weber State University in Odgen and in other US cities and towns. The managers of the project are very talented students or ex-students, all professional musicians. It allows them to react very quickly to a rapidly-changing range of music styles and to produce modern performances and music programs from all around the globe. The International Music Festival has something for everyone. Some years ago the Young Artist Institute was established to assist young artists from different countries of the world. First, the Institute provides the young gifted persons with the opportunity to study along with the professionals. They can make performances together, exchange ideas and experience, and ask professionals for a good advice. Hereafter, the beginners take part in the Festival, and in case of a brilliant performance the Festival does its best to help these people present their music worldwide. A lot of ex-young artists perform now professionally throughout the world in chamber groups, professional orchestras, at festivals and as soloists. International Music Festival also provides the service nobody can refuse. If you want a really memorable event you may invite International Music Festival to visit your city. The package of services includes not only full-length performances, but also all possible marketing and promotion assistance. The Festival can arrange radio-station visits, promo CDs, advertising posters and flyers, and more. And do not think it is too expensive for you. Not at all! In fact, the program of the Festival is very flexible, so it can be adjusted to every budget. And you don't even need a special concert hall for this event to get arranged. Actually, every educational establishment has a gym or entrance hall, which places are perfect to receive International Music Festival. The Festival has already staged the similar events across Europe and the USA at such notable city festivals and institutions as the Washington and Lee University, Monmouth College Illinois, Bucks Country College in Pennsylvania, Lon Morris College Texas, all of them having a great success. So, do not waste your time: invite the Festival to your city to make it unforgettable. If music is not your only liking, and you are also addicted to dance, crafts, food and story-telling your place of destination is Bangor where the annual American Folk Festival takes place. This Festival presents music, dance and other performing arts, which represent cultural traditions of the States and the whole world. Due to the variety of entertainment facilities the Festival is a yearly tourist shelter. The world grants you a lot of opportunities for cross-cultural traveling. You should only choose the best way to do it. In this light, a music festival is one of the top options you are not to regret.
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