IFITT Workshop and Special Interest Groups

Created in 1996 with the aim of promoting the international discussion about major information technologies in the travel and tourism industry, the International Federation for Information Technologies and Travel and Tourism, commonly referred to as IFITT, is the leading global community for the development, discussion and exchange of knowledge about use and impact of new ICTs in the travel and tourism industry. One of the most important parts of IFITT is the IFITT workshop.

Information and communication systems that form a global network exert a strong influence on the travel and tourism industry today, with distributed multi-media systems, reservation systems and electronic markets being results of this development. Established to provide the Information Technology and travel and tourism industry with a place to call their own, the International Federation for Information Technologies and Travel and Tourism is a non-profit organization that is becoming a professional body of high standing. All income generated by the International Federation for Information Technologies and Travel and Tourism is spent on the development of its activities.
Since its inception, IFITT has been pursuing the following goals: to contribute to the process of development and research in the field of
international travel; to provide a forum for discussion and transfer of experience and know-how among its members; to promote free interchange of ideas about the field among consumers and specialists; and to develop the competence and integrity of organizations and individuals engaged in sciences and practices of ICTs and travel and tourism. Advances in the development and use of tools, methodologies and technologies which have promoted efficient networking of IS in the travel and tourism industry, and their organizational and economic impacts are discussed within the IFITT workshop designed for the Federation's members. Many are the people who can call themselves an IFITT member: persons, companies, organizations and research institutes working in this area. Along with Special Interest Groups, an IFITT Workshops provides opportunities to share knowledge and experience with like-minded professionals for specialized areas, allowing IFITT members to influence changes in the marketplace.

To raise awareness of Information Technologies and Travel and Tourism within the region, the International Federation for Information
Technologies and Travel and Tourism has established Regional Chapters to develop their own activities. Members participating in these chapters are offered a unique combination of professional dialogue and social interaction in their own geographic area. Other benefits of chapter membership cover such areas as professional contacts: like bringing local IT and tourism expertise and experience into light; communication: updated news on the Federation's activities, such as an IFITT workshop, events and meetings; community: the opportunity to participate in online forums and newsgroup; and refreshing competence: participation in local workshops, conferences and seminars. The benefits available to IFITT members are currently being extended on the ongoing basis.

In addition to the IFITT workshop, the organization established a Reference Model Special Interest Group to look at the harmonization of
electronic tourism markets in the most flexible manner. The aim of the group is to bring together diverse market participants and experts to ensure the acceptance of the reference model.

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