How to Get a Smart Fake Tan by Yourself

Not wonder the society nearly divided into two big camps- tan -worshippers and those who are against of any kind of sun rays. But we always knew that the truth is somewhere between them , so in order to look constantly perfect and save your health we offer you to try a fake tan. It's long lasting, natural looking and what is more important, healthy tan.


If you are looking for an easy to use fake tan, that is long lasting and realistic As the sunshine comes to an end, your tan does not have too! There is a lot of ways to get a fake tan. For example, tanning accelerators - lotions or pills that usually contain the amino acid tyrosine - claim that they stimulate and increase melanin formation, thereby accelerating the tanning process (used in conjunction with UV exposureand mostly indoor). Bronzers are a temporary sunless tanning or bronzing option, which  come in powders, sprays, gels, lotions and moisturizers. Once applied, they create a fake tan that can easily be removed with soap and water, but only after the moment of apllication. Then you will need speial lotions to wash it off and they do not stain the clothes.
Lotions and creams for a fake tan are difficult to apply evenly on all parts of the body by oneself. So to get a perfect fake tan you`d better ask your friends for help, or appeal to the tanning salon attendants- the latter is the better and you will receive a smart fake tan. But if you decided to cope with the thing yourself, these are some tips of how to get a perfect fake tan.
First of all, before applying a self-tanning product you should clean and exfoliate the skin thoroughly, this will provide more even fake tan. Then you will need to wait for some time to cool the skin down, otherwise it will absorb too much of the self-tanner. Then moisturise difficult areas only, such as knees, ankles, elbows.  Remember, when applying to these dry areas, bend your knees, elbows and fingers and then create your fake tan. Otherwise, these dry areas wrinkle and can pocket the color, so that it will look horrible. In order to get a perfect fake tan , Place a line of color across the back of the hand, below the knuckles and not over the edges.
Touch wet brush to forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, using  dry side to blend across face, nose, eyes, even ears. Your fake tan on the face should be repaint every third night as it exfoliates more quickly. Eyebrows and lips must be protected with a thick cream. It is advised to wear loose baggy clothing, so the tan does not rub off by abrasive clothing while your waiting for the next shower, which must take place after 3-4 hours minimum.
Before creating your fake tan , please don`t forget to make a patch test in order not to have allergy and not to be surprised by an unexpected color of your skin. Of course, use the production of well -known cosmetic companies, specializing on fake-tan production. "Loved by the entire troupe from models 1 and elite along with Anastasia, Victoria Beckham, Denise Van Outen and Cat Deeley, St Tropez fake tan is still the favourite tan treatment"-write glossy magazines. We have no reasons not to believe them and you can experience it by yourself . But nevertheless,   a good fake tan must lasts a minimum of 7 - 10 days on average.
Now you can boast of your fake tan, but be careful of the sun. Remember that your fake tan needs protection but the self -tanner is not a sunscreen. So, before going outdoor apply an appropriate sun  protection and enjoy your smart reflection in the eyes of passers-by.


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