Holidays to Penang give the most complete experience of Malaysia

Penang is a wonderful tourist destination in Malaysia, where everything is specially designed by both nature and man for unique, relaxing and unforgettable holidays. Charming coastline views and wonderful sandy beaches, splendid gardens and ancient temples, mosques and churches, joyful festivals and delicious food invite each visitor to stay in Penang and linger over it for a while.
If you want to experience the most of Malaysia, plan holidays to Penang. The island has everything for all intends and purposes; you may cut it into pieces and each patty with be with a different filling and topping. Penang is an island of a rich history and diverse culture, wonderful beaches, luxury resorts and delicious food.

Georgetown, a main city of Penang, is nice and pleasant with a blend of newer architecture with narrow streets, lined up with shophouses and trees, historic churches, temples and mosques. Tourists, planning holidays to Penang, often prefer staying at one of the beach resorts on the northern shore of Penang and take trips for Georgetown's sightseeing. Georgetown is worth seeing, while some sites are truly incredible samples of the Penang history and culture!

Here Kek Lok Si or the "Temple Of Supreme Bliss", the country's largest Buddhist temple complex, is situated. It is said to be the only example of its kind, outside Tibet and China. Georgetown is also home to the oldest Chinese temple in Penang, Kuan Yin Teng temple (a temple, dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy).

You should also visit an interesting district of Georgetown, known as Little India, and drop in places, selling traditional Indian food, garlands, sculptures and trinkets. Who could ever think that exotic India is thriving outside its actual borders! Then walk along the Esplanade, a romantic waterfront, where Straits Chinese unmarried girls were allowed to show off for marriage prospects during the Chinese New Year.

Cruising along the seaside and viewing waterfront sights is a must for holidays to Penang. Weld Quay, a busy harbor of the past, is the most special view along the island's coastline. Water villages with timber houses, which have been nestling along the coast since the 19th century, produce a marvelous sight of the past mingled with the present. Here you will also see well preserved 19th century shipping offices and a beautiful Malayan Railway Building clock tower.

One more interesting spot is the Butterfly Farm, situated at Teluk Bahang, twenty kilometers from George Town. The Butterfly Farm covers an area of point eight hectare. Visitors can see here hundreds of species of butterflies and local insects in their natural habitat.

Certainly, no holidays to Penang go without visiting at least one traditional Penang restaurant. Many restaurants in Penang serve the continental, international, Thai, Indonesian, Chinese, and Indian cuisine, but the local cuisine is a superb refinement comparable to none. Some of the most recommended dishes include Malay Nasi Goreng (Spicy Fried Rice), Beef Rendang (an originally Indonesian dry curry), Satay (charcoal chicken on a stick with peanut sauce), Rotis (rice pancakes, similar to Indian Paratha, and served with different sauces).

The Northern shore of Penang abounds in excellent International resorts and sandy beautiful beaches. The majority of resorts is very stylish and comfortable and offers a variety of activities for families, comprising horse riding, batik printing and entertainment programs for parents and kids as well as a wide selection of water sports, such as jet skiing, hand gliding, parasailing, snorkeling and a banana boat.
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