Holidays and Short City Breaks in Freiburg

Freiburg is a city in Baden-Wurttemberg on the western edge of the southern Black Forest. The sunny microclimate of the city contributes to its reputation of the warmest and sunniest city in the country. Because of this, Freiburg is an all-the-year-round destination and a wonderful sports center attracting tourists from other parts of Germany and Europe. It is also one of the most popular university towns with student population of 24,000 living in Freiburg.

Because of its warm and sunny climate, scenic beauty and close proximity to the Black Forest, Freiburg is regarded as a hub for regional tourism. Thus, the longest cable car in Germany can be found in Freiburg running from outside the city to the nearby mountain Schauinsland. The center of the old city is home to its largest square, Munsterplatz housing farmer's market daily. It is the site of the gothic Minster Cathedral, M?nster built 1200-1530. One of the old city's central squares, the Augustinerplatz is a former location of the Augustine Monastery transformed into the Augustinermuseum in 1921. Today it is a popular gathering place for the city's residents and features a few bars and restaurants, including a Biergarten and a local brewery. The historical marketplace, known as Historisches Kaufhaus, is a Renaissance construction built 1520-1530. Its facade features the coat of arms of the Habsburgs. One of the most important squares on the historic old city's outskirts, the Platz der Alten Synagoge was a location of the Synagoge until it was destroyed in 1938.

Home to many outstanding sights, Freiburg's rich and fascinating history is embodied in its architecture and cultural attractions. Located in Freiburg is the Colombipark - a former bastion of the fortifications built by Vauban in 1677. It is home to the Colombi Palace designed for Countess de Zea Bermudez y Colombi in 1860. Since the early 1980s this neo-Gothic style building has housed the Museum of Early and Pre-History with archeological collection featuring exhibits from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages. Past the oldest Town Hall in Freiburg and the Carnival Fools' Guildhall, you'll come to the Rathausplatz, made by combining a number of old buildings in the 1550s. The New Town Hall was constructed in 1897 by converting several Renaissance buildings, which used to serve as the administrative and staff buildings of the university. The square's east and north sides are occupied by the Franciscan Monastery and its church.

Among the nicest historical buildings in Freiburg is the Haus zum Walfisch with its spectacular late Gothic doorway. Constructed in 1515 for Chancellor of the Exchequer to Emperor Maximilian I, Jakob Villinger, it has served as home to Erasmus of Rotterdam for several years.

Located south of the Cathedral is the Historisches Kaufhaus as a symbol of the significance of trade in medieval Freiburg. Its facade is decorated with coats of arms indicating the links with House of Habsburg. West of the Merchant's Hall is the Baroque Palace built as the assembly house for the Breisgau knights in 1756.

One of the most popular attractions, the Schlossberg is situated just minutes from the old city and can be reached by foot. In recent years, parts of this fortification were made accessible and are explored today with the help of explanatory plaques and signposts. In 2002 a new tower was completed offering a wonderful view of the city and the Black Forrest.
Those staying in the city during Christmas season have a nice opportunity to enjoy Christmas markets Freiburg offers to its locals and visitors alike. There are a number of gift ideas to discover, including traditional arts and crafts like jewelry, pottery, puppets, candles, toys and Christmas tree decorations presented by over 80 vendors.

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