Hebrides Holidays are for riders of the surf

Located at the very edge of Europe, Hebrides is the group of islands that have the diversity of landscapes and a variety of activities that are all year round. Its is difficult to imagine that being located 1300 kilometers north of London, the Hebrides is considered to have the most consistent surf in Europe.

Coming from the Old Norse word "Habredey" which means the Island that is at the very edge of the sea Hebrides in Scotland is a chain of islands 30 miles west off the coast of Scotland. Approximately 120 miles in length, Hebrides lies between 57 and 58 degrees north of Scotland. One is used to distinguish from inner and outer Hebrides Islands. Lewis, Harris, Barra, North and South Uist, Taransay, Benbecula, and Saint Kilda are part of the outer islands and Coll, Colonsday, Oromsay, Gigha, Iona, Islay, Jura, Kerrera, Lismore, Mull, Raasay, Rona, Skye, Staffa, and Tiree are the islands of Inner Hebrides. Being formed on one of the oldest formed rocks in the world, Lewisian Gneiss, which is part of Hebrides' landscape is a stunning contraction of rocky hills and moorland with costal machair dunes and meadows that enhancing the white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. The sea is warm in summer with temperatures of 13 degrees Celsius. And it gets no colder than nine degrees Celsius. This is due to the fact that the Hebrides lies right in the path of the North Atlantic Drift which brings warm sea currents from the Caribbean all year long. This fact provides the perfect conditions for all kinds of water sports. Despite being 1300 kilometers north of London, the minimum temperatures are about the same.

The Hebrides in Scotland is a world class natural resource for major adventure; it is a place of incredible empty waves, silent hills, and deserted beaches. If you are a true surfer then, Hebrides holidays are for you. If you ask why Hebrides Holidays are a better deal than ones in Hawaii, the answer is short and sweet, Hebrides is cheaper than Hawaii and it has the same waves as Hawaii. Year round swells onto outstanding reef breaks and beaches provide you with the most consistent surf in Europe making these islands a world class location for surf-riders. September 2001, saw the first international Hebridian surf festival with professional world championship surfers such as Tom Curran competing on the Hebridean waves. One of the surfing pioneers named Skip Frye was so impressed with the Hebridean surfing experience in September 2001 that he presented his excellent surfboards to the surfers in the area. With over 70 beaches on the entire island of Hebrides and they are almost always empty, this is a surfer's paradise. Although the popular surfing was established over a decade ago in Waikiki, Hawaii, it is no joke to suggest that that this Northern outpost has the same spirit of freedom and adventure.

With Hebrides holidays even the most experienced surfers should be aware that some beaches in the Hebrides have strong current and rips in certain swells. The island of Lewis is positioned so it receives swells from every direction and is classified as having the most consistent surf in Europe. The island has a spectacular rigged coastline with a number of beaches and many world class reef breaks. It is a place of no pollution and very little footprints.

By the way when you have Hebrides holidays don't forget to have a look at the local sights because they are worth seeing. All of Hebrides islands can boost having its own places of admiration. For instance Lewis has the Callanish Stone which is a circle of stones which pre-date the pyramids of Egypt. There are many castles on Hebrides like Kisimul Castle, Eileen Donan Castle, and Castle Moil. One of these castles has seal pups that swim around it. Please visit Hebrides of Scotland. Hebrides is for everyone.

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