Harvest Excursions: Adventure and Education

Whatever experience a contemporary tourist wants to gain, nothing is impossible! Tour operators do everything to suit the most demanding tastes. So, you can take a map and find the most appealing to you corner of the Globe, or simply take a short break during your weekend and go with your family to see something special, the harvest and how it is gathered, for example.

Excitement and adventure are the two main emotions you are eager to feel when you decide to go on holiday or on an excursion. It is especially important to find something unusual, special and involving, close to your heart and mind or absolutely new and unknown. Cannot decide what to choose? Want a hint? It might be really interesting to watch the fields during the harvest time, to take part in the harvesting process and thus to gain new experience.
Harvest excursions are available throughout the summer and autumn, and depending on the month different types of fruit and corns are harvested. You can take a motor coach to explore an apple country where you can join a group to learn the art of apple harvesting. Such tours include exclusive entrance to natural orchard where you can pick your own fruit. You can be offered over a hundred of different varieties of harvest excursions or a combination of several of them. Surely, such excursions can be a very appetizing, but there's no need to worry - everything is foreseen by the organizers. You will have your lunch in the open air and try mouthwatering food cooked on the open fire. You should not exclude the chance to try local cuisine and special dishes made from apples. Why not  have a break with freshly ground coffee and a piece of hot apple pie a-la mode? And cool apple flavoured ice-cream as a dessert! Delicious!
Cranberry harvest excursions are another exclusive opportunity to spend your day off. You can have either a guided tour or a self-guided excursion. Cranberry harvest can also be experienced during harvest festivals (usually regional, which take place in the middle of autumn).
One of the traditional autumn harvest tours is the Pumpkin tour. It is not very long, just as most of the excursions of this kind and takes no more than two hours from start to finish. All the usual experiences are included: watching the harvest time, gathering a pumpkin for yourself to remember the tour, taking photos of the most outstanding examples of pumpkin and having the time of your life every minute of the excursion.
An alternative to harvest excursions are farm tours which give you an opportunity to enjoy the farm lifestyle, get acquainted with animals, plants and take part in some simplest farm works for a change. And of course, do not miss the traditional farmhouse wholemeal lunch - the taste of fresh ingredients and dishes is incredibly different from those you are used to.
It is a usual practice today that tour operators do not gather groups, that is why you have an opportunity to travel with your friends or family only. However, if you like, you can join a group if they do not mind, of course. The plan of your excursion, the times and the itinerary is usually thoroughly discussed with the representative of your travel agency. They are eager to help you to enjoy your successfully organized vacation.

If you want to have an excursion of this kind in winter - nothing is impossible! Enjoy yourself during greenhouse excursions, in the beautiful green oases. They are sure to bring you fun and joy of spring, of waking up weather!

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