Hannover Hotels for Your Comfort and Relaxation

Located nearly 179 miles west of Berlin, 94 miles south of Hamburg and 76 miles southeast of Bremen, Hannover remains one of the hubs of industry, commerce and transportation in Germany. Its annual industrial trade fair is still recognized as the world's largest of its kind, attracting exhibitors and visitors from around the globe. In spite of being far from graceful and beautiful, Hannover is home to a great variety of attractions appealing to all ages and interests with a wide number of Hannover hotels to accomodate you.

The majority of Hannover's visitors come to the city to enjoy one of its large and important expos, whether it is Hannover Fair, CeBIT or Expo 2000. A great number of travelers are attracted by the Oktoberfest Hannover - a fair that is arranged annually at the end of September-beginning of October and lasts 16 days. There are over 160 rides, numerous stands offering refreshments and two beer tents able to seat several hundred visitors each.

When looking at Hannover airports it is important to note that the city and its area are served by Hannover-Langenhagen International Airport located some 6 miles north of the city center. To its guests there are many Hannover hotels to choose from, namely Forum Hannover Schweizerhof, Hotel Konigshof am Funkturmel, Kastens Hotel Luisenhof and Loccumer Hof, known for their favorable location and a variety of amenities.

Regarded as one of the leading Hannover hotels, Kastens Hotel Luisenhof is just minutes from Hauptbanhof located in the city center. It has witnessed a series of modernizations that have enhanced its comfort while maintaining good taste. All guest rooms are stylishly furnished and spacious, featuring bathrooms with shower/tub combinations. Overseas visitors are welcomed by the English-speaking staff. Among the hotel's facilities are a restaurant, bar laundry service, 24-hour room service; dry cleaning, laundry service and non-smoking rooms.

One of the most creatively designed Hannover hotels, Forum Hannover Schweizerhof offers more atmosphere and charm than other contenders. Located on a quiet street in the central business district, it is the ideal option for corporate travelers. Served by this charming lodge is an affluent clientele, including celebrities. Guest rooms are elegantly furnished and spacious featuring bathrooms with tub/shower combinations.

Guests can take advantage of the following hotel facilities: two restaurants, business center, bar, babysitting laundry service, dry cleaning, non-smoking rooms and one room for people with limited mobility. Located in close proximity to the train station, Loccumer Hof is one of the most affordable Hannover hotels offering utilitarian rooms and small bathrooms with tub/shower combinations. In 2004, it added two suites and six deluxe double rooms, each better equipped and more spacious as compared to standard doubles. Service is minimal, while hotel facilities include restaurant, bar, lounge, non-smoking rooms and rooms for those with limited mobility.

Constructed in 1984 above a shopping arcade in the city center, Hotel Konigshof am Funkturmel is attractive due to its modernized crenellations and skylights making it one of the most widely reputed Hannover hotels. All guest rooms have a couch which converts to a bed, and a bathroom with a tub/shower combination. Hotel facilities include restaurant, bar, lounge, breakfast room and non-smoking rooms.

For fine dining guests of the city may consider a variety of restaurants offering a distinguished cuisine and efficient service, namely Landhaus Ammann, Wichmann, Basil and Altdeutsche Bierstube among others.

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