Haddock recipes ? common and exotic

Haddock is very popular seafood and one of the most preferable fish in the US and UK. If we ask haddock lovers why they like haddock, they will answer that it is not expensive, well-available and a delicious food. You do not need to run over stores and markets in the search of the fish, you can buy it, always fresh, in the nearby store or market. Then, haddock is variously prepared that allows to add more diversity to your home cooking.

Haddock recipes are abundant and various. First, you can eat haddock smoked, baked, broiled or grilled. Second, there are many more varieties of the mentioned above options and the haddock recipes suggest different fillings, seasonings, stuffings and flavorings. Spicy and fruity haddock recipes are innumerous, however, worth of experiencing.

If you like baked fish, try the following recipe of baked haddock, quite refined and original. The dish will be appropriate for any occasion, including substantial home dinner with your family or a good treat to the guests.       

Baked Haddock with an Oyster Stuffing
Ingredients: 2 haddock fillets, 1/2 pint oysters, cleaned, 1/2 teaspoon salt, pepper to taste, juice of 1 lemon, about 2 tablespoons, 1 cup cracker crumbs or bread crumbs, 1 tablespoon butter.
Preparation: Lay one haddock fillet in a greased pan; sprinkle with salt and pepper. Coat oysters with cracker crumbs and place on fillet. Place other haddock fillet on top of the oysters; use toothpicks to hold together. Sprinkle with more cracker crumbs, drizzle with lemon juice and do with butter. Bake at 350° for about fifty to sixty minutes.
Baked haddock recipe serves 4.

 The following haddock recipes, the first, including fruit additions and specific herbs and spices, and the second with cheese and mushrooms, can well serve as your holiday exotic specialties.

Haddock with Spicy Papaya Salsa Recipe
Serves/Makes: 2  
Ingredients: Fish: 2 medium size haddock fillets, salt and pepper to taste.
Salsa: 2 tsps. Plum sauce, 1 teaspoon soy sauce, 1/4 cup Asian pear, chopped diced, 1 teaspoon cilantro, 1 teaspoon jalapeno or 1 teaspoon Serrano, 1 tablespoon onion - purple, 1 tablespoon juice - lemon, 1 teaspoon honey or sugar, 1 tablespoon Pepper, red - diced.
Garnishes: papaya, sliced into a fan shape for garnish; kiwi, peeled, sliced into coins for a garnish.
Preparation: haddock: Season the fish with little salt and white pepper. Grill quickly on a non-stick surface. The fish is done when it turns opaque throughout and flakes to a fork.
Salsa: Mix all of the ingredients together and adjust the flavor with honey or brown sugar. Arrange the fan of papaya and the kiwi coins on a plate. Add a piece of the grilled fish, then spoon a serving of the salsa next to the fish.

Haddock au Gratin recipe (serves 6)

Ingredients: 175 g (6 oz) fresh haddock fillet, 175 g (6 oz) smoked haddock fillet, 4 tbsp (60 ml) dry white wine, 6 peppercorns, a bay leaf, 1 small onion, skinned and sliced, 125 g (4 oz) button mushrooms, wiped and sliced, 1/2 stick (4 Tbsp) 2 oz (50 g) butter, 2 level tbsp plain flour (All purpose), freshly ground black pepper, 2 oz (50 g) Red Leicester cheese, grated, 25 g (1 oz) fresh breadcrumbs.
Preparation: Place the fresh and smoked fish in a saucepan with 300 ml (1/2 pint) water and wine. Add peppercorns, a bay leaf and onion and bring to the boil. Cover and poach gently for about fifteen minutes. Strain off liquid and reserve. Flake the fish, discarding skin and bone. Also discard flavoring ingredients. Sauté the mushrooms in the butter for two minutes, stir in the flour and cook gently for one minute, stirring. Remove pan from the heat and gradually stir in the strained cooking liquid. Bring to boil and continue to cook, stirring until the sauce thickens, then add the fish, half the grated cheese and seasoning to taste. Spoon the mixture into six individual soufflé dishes. Top with remaining cheese and crumbs. Bake in the oven at 220°C (425°f) for about fifteen minutes, until golden brown. Serve hot.

Enjoy all and try more!

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