Grand Cayman ? Best Beach And Diving Spot

Grand Cayman is the largest of three islands that make up the Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman is the largest of three islands that make up the Cayman Islands. It is approximately 76 square miles; 20 miles long and 5-7 miles wide at its widest point. It lies 480 miles south of Miami, Florida or about 70 minutes by air. It is 150 miles south of Cuba and 180 miles northwest of Jamaica. Between Grand Cayman and Jamaica lies the "Cayman Trench", the deepest part of the Caribbean Sea, with depths charted down to four miles.


When to travel? The three Cayman Islands lie in the trade-winds belt. The prevailing NE winds moderate the temperatures, making the climate delightful all year round. Most rain falls between September and November, but even then it generally comes only in short bursts. March and April are Cayman's driest months.


Seasports' customers can range from diving novice to expert and still take part in the same dive. How? The experienced dive guides know the area and by knowing your dive abilities and preferences, they are able to present the dive tailored for you. With only 2 to 8 customers per dive outing, you can be guided to safe, superb diving and make your Grand Cayman diving experience outstanding.

Safety is the primary concern. Instructors go down with the customers on every dive. Some of the more experienced clients will buddy up and go on their own but instructors are always down on the bottom to show you the beauty of Caribbean aquatic life and to guide you back to the boat safely and on time for no decompression diving.


During your diving vacation in Grand Cayman, having spent a week or two diving together with a person, you may become good friends, meeting every year in Grand Cayman or other vacation spots. Grand Cayman can also boast of having 3 generations of diving clients. This is the way it should be - safe, fun and custom designed diving for all ages and all levels of divers.


Dive sites. There are over 150 dive locations surrounding Grand Cayman island. The diving day begins with a dive at 10:00 am, which allows to choose the best Grand Cayman scuba sites that are not occupied by the boats that dive earlier. It is very important to select a site that has good visibility, calm water and is in keeping with your ability and preferences. Grand Cayman Island offers off shore walls with dropoffs extending to 6000 feet - making it one of the great wall diving destinations in the world. The beautiful turquoise water surrounding this island paradise also offers outstanding shallow diving in the reefs. Whether your dives are on the west, north or south sides of Grand Cayman, the scenic boat trip to your diving destination will take 5 to 35 minutes and be sure to delight you. You might want to bring your camera and make unforgettable pictures!
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