Good Fast Food: Reality or Myth?

Fast food can be defined as food, which is prepared and served quickly. The fast food restaurant chain is expanding very quickly, since such places gain more popularity. Another benefit is that fast food business doesn't require large capital investment. Today fast food restaurants are common throughout the world. It is a multi-billion dollar industry, which continues to flourish because of the large number of fast food consumers.

Whether fast food can be considered of a good quality remains a controversial question. It is prepared in an industrial fashion that is with standard ingredients and production methods. Fast food is served in plastic wrappings and bags so that you don't have to pay much.

Good fast food must be healthy. It is the main point, which makes us doubt if it can be of benefit. Fast food is usually deep fried, and consequently it contains more fat and calories. In addition it may contain various chemical substances, which can expose our health to danger. Fast food lacks important minerals and vitamins, which are of great important for the organism. Finally, fast food portions are larger than one should consume. People tend to eat more food in fast food restaurants that at their own kitchen tables.

One experiment helps to determine whether food in fast food restaurants can be regarded as good fast food. If a person consumes fast food only and stops all physical exercises for one month term, he will gain weight and become often sick. It had been ascertained long ago that fast food contributes to obesity. Taking into account the fact that one out of four Americans eats in fast food restaurants it is possible to find reason for the massive obesity.

To meet the requirements, fast food restaurants started to add many healthy options. These include fruit and vegetable salads with low calorie as well as fat free dressings. With the growing demand of good fast food, many products containing much fat became substituted for healthier ones. Now the information concerning nutritional value of food in fast food restaurants is available on the web-sites. While visiting them you can choose the healthiest options. Some good fast food choices include: fish sandwich or grilled chicken, whole wheat rolls, fruit, yogurt, fat free salad dressing, single hamburger, low fat deli sandwiches on wheat bread. It is also advisable to substitute baked potato with cheese, butter or sour cream for baked potato with vegetables. We should avoid such unhealthy menu items as chicken nuggets, fried chicken, onion rings, large size fries, fried fish or fried chicken sandwiches. Condiments must be also excluded as they are a significant source of fat. Mayonnaise, cheese sauce, tartar sauce and ketchup must be substituted for low fat dressings.  Fast food drinks contain calories that are of no nutritional value. In order to make beverage selection healthier you should switch to fat free or low fat milk and water.

Fast food problems affect children the most. They are influenced by fast food commercials, which attract them so much.

When visiting fast food restaurants adults must pay attention to the amount and quality of food their children consume. The growing numbers of overweight children means that their parents should be more responsible for proper nutrition. About 35 percent of children eat in fast food restaurants regularly, as the parents have no time to cook meals at home. It turns into habit, and increased calories from fast food lead to increased pounds. To prevent this, adults must help children make healthy choices.


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