Goals and Purposes of the Cliometric Society

Established in 1983, the Cliometric Society is an organization of individuals taking particular interest in using statistical techniques and economic theory to study economic history. As history inclusion is necessary in formulation of solid economic theory, Cliometrics is vital to this process. The Cliometric Society was created with the vision to improve and advance scholarship by emphasizing methodology and providing young scholars with educational opportunities.

With a worldwide membership of over 500 influential and widely reputed practitioners in professional and academic fields, the Cliometric Society is a chartered, non-profit organization headquartered in the state of North Carolina. Operating within the Society is the Board of Trustees that includes outstanding persons in economic history, and By-Laws including provisions for advancement of scholarship with the emphasis on practice and methodology. The Board of Trustees is composed of eight elected Trustees and six ex-officio members.

Published by the Cliometric Society is the Cliometric Newsletter informing its members of the latest research through economic history conferences' reports. Each issue of the Newsletter contains reports of economic history conferences worldwide and an interview with prominent individuals in the field.

In order to encourage communication among scholars, the Cliometric Society maintains a membership information database, providing members with the opportunity to share their work in progress through participation of the Society in Eh.net scholarly network. Despite the fact that dues don't cover the Society's expenses, its goal is to keep membership affordable for young scholars and students.

Promoted by the Cliometric Society is members' involvement with a number of other scholarly societies, like a dual membership option arranged in 1992 with the European Historical Economics Society. In addition, the Society acts as a sponsor of sessions at the annual meetings of the Allied Social Science Association held around the United States. The Cliometric Society has also been a member organization of the International Economic History Association which sponsors sessions of the International Economic History Congresses in Madrid and Milan.

Arguably, the most notable accomplishment of the Cliometric Society is continuation of the tradition closely related to its origin - the annual Conference which promotes working relations among seasoned and young members. For about two decades, the Conference has been funded by grants from the National Science Foundation, which consider the Cliometrics Conference to be one of the most successful projects it supports.

Through intense co-operation with other organizations, the Cliometric Society has presented five World Congresses of Cliometrics. The first such congress was convened in Northwestern University in 1985, followed by the Congress in Spain in 1989, in Germany in 1997, in Canada in 2000 and in Italy in 2004. Over 400 economic historians from across the globe participated in these World Congresses.

Similar to the Cliometric Society in its goals and purposes, the Business History Conference is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching and research of business history and environment in which business operates. The first meeting of the Conference was held at Northwestern University in 1954. In 1970, a formal charter was adopted, providing for the election of trustees and officers.

Today the Business History Conference is international in scope, with nearly 15% of its members residing outside North America.

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