Glass Tea Kettles for Quick and Convenient Tea Serving

A tea kettle is a relatively small kitchen appliance used to heat or boil water for making tea or other hot beverages. Glass tea kettles may differ in size and capacity, as well as a number of other properties. While choosing a good tea kettle for home or office use, the following elements should be taken into account: capacity, efficiency in heating, pouring ease, handling comfort and care requirements.

Teakettles are usually small appliances with a spout and lid through which they are filled with water. However, there also exist lidless kettles that are filled with water through the spout. Some tea kettles feature a whistle to signal the moment when water starts boiling. Available today is a wide variety of tea kettles to chose from, ranging from cooper kettles generally recognized as the most efficient due to their speed to electric and glass tea kettles.

Among the most frequently used on heaters are cast iron tea kettles, created first in China to symbolize the unity and strength of the world. All of them come with a stainless steel mesh strainer and can be used either as a tea pot or a tea kettle. All cast iron tea kettles have black enamel coating on the inside to prevent rust and provide years of good service. Enameled tea kettles are popular as well, available in beautiful colors. Care is generally required to keep them from hitting other objects in order to prevent chipping. The easiest type of tea kettles to care for is stainless tea kettles, which are slower to boil as compared to the majority of tea kettles. The fastest to heat are electric tea kettles, providing beauty and convenience.

Ranked with the most convenient and easy to use, glass tea kettles are beautiful and quite easy to keep clean. However, be sure to use a diffuser or a metal trivet between the glass and the heat source and heat slowly. Cooks Corner offers some of the most stylish and easy to use glass tea kettles providing you with a practical household item in a beautiful design. The Capresso Cordless Classic glass water kettle with illuminated blue light and auto shut offs boils water safe, quietly and fast. The large handle and the lid have a matte silver finish. This kettle has a 1.5 quart capacity and lifts easily for serving and pouring. When pouring all hot water, open the lid in order to divert the steam from your hand. Capresso glass water kettle works with nearly all sources of heat, including gas stoves, ceramic hobs and electric cookers. It is available at a price of $79.

Some of the most beautiful glass tea kettles can be purchased from Simpson and Vail, offering kettles that are suitable for cooking on electric and gas stoves and ceramic glass cooking surfaces. The ease of cleaning and attractiveness along with the clear shape of the kettle make it an ideal choice for heating water.

Those looking for stylish tea servers should take advantage of La Pavoni Glass Tea Server with infuser, featuring a tempered glass bowl with stainless frame. It is available in three colors, including Metallic, Steel and Chrome.

Another wonderful consideration, Gold Supplier Glass Tea Kettle has the following features: 1,5 quart capacity, quiet and fast boil, safety auto shut off, concealed heating element covered with stainless steel, heat resistant glass, cool-touch handle, free pouring design, illuminated power switch that turns off automatically upon boiling and cordless design with 360° swivel base for left and right hand use.

This kettle lifts easily for serving and pouring.

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