Games slot myths

Slot machines appeal to a casual and fun loving gambler due to a possibility of landing a huge payout for little investment. For most of the 20th century, a casino slot game was pretty much the same. Three reels spun around, prompted first by springs loaded in a handle, and later, by electrical switches. Where those reels land, when stopped by a separate mechanism, is largely a function of gravity.

Since the period of time the reels spun for and the number of symbols on each reel remained constant, odds and probabilities could be calculated by mapping the reel symbols, and wagering systems could be developed to give math-savvy players an advantage.

This new technology also brings with it many myths and misconceptions, as players try to unravel the mysteries of the modern computerized slot machine. Here are a few of the myths, surrounding the slot machine. A common belief is that a slot machine that has just given a big payout will not pay out again for a while. Actually, the odds are the same for every spin and every spin is completely random and independent of all the past spins. Consequently, there is no way to predict the next spin and a jackpot is as likely to be hit right after the last one was hit, as it is after a thousand of dry spins.

Another myth of the casino games slot machines is a belief that casino games slot run in pay and take cycles. The fact of the matter is modern slot machines run off of random number generators, which take seed values from variables, presented at the time of the spin. Pay and take cycles are only a myth.

There is also one more myth that games slot machines can stop on any possible set of symbols with equal probability. However, the truth is, as the random numbers are mapped into positions, certain positions are weighted by the machine to be more likely to be mapped to than the others. Modern slot machines simply weight the probability of a specific outcome, such as jackpots are hit by a specific percentage of time; hence, a predefined payout rates.

Someone could think that casinos can loosen or tighten the games slot machines with the flip of a switch. Nevertheless, a slot machine has a computer chip in it that determines the pay back percentage. It is preset at the factory. In order for a casino to change the pay back, they would have to change the chip. In most jurisdictions there is a paper work that has to be filled and submitted to the Casino Control Commission for each machine if the chip is changed. It is time consuming and the chips are very expensive. Due to this reason, it is more economical to decide on the pay back percentages before purchasing the machines and having the factory to ship them with the proper chip.

It is also wrong that a machine that has not been paying is due to hit. As there is no way to determine if a machine is due to hit. Each spin is a random occurrence and has no bearing on what has happened previously. Do not ever play more than you should because of this myth. It will be devastating to your bankroll if you do.

The temperature of the coins played will in no way affect the way a machine pays, since the machine is not affected by temperature. It does not matter if you play hot, cold, old or new coins. The coin slot is a mechanical device and has no feeling. There is one potential danger with this myth. I once saw a fellow burn his fingers, while trying to heat up a coin with a lighter.

There are many other casino slot game myths, as somebody addicted to this type of gambling tries to find an excuse to his loses...

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