Gabarone Holidays - a Visit to the Vibrant Cosmopolitan Capital

Often described as Africa's fastest growing city, Botswana's capital Gaborone is a vibrant and colorful city, which lies in the flat valley between Kgale and Oodi hills, on the Notwane River in the south eastern corner of Botswana. Beautiful and glittery Gaborone is a great starting point for your exploration of the Dark Continent. Gabarone Holidays offer a dramatic contrast between the old and new Africa.

Gabarone is the capital of Botswana. It is located on the country's major railroad line and has a small international airport. The city is the country's administrative center. Nearby manganese and asbestos mines have led to increased industrial expansion. The city was founded around 1890 by Gabarone Matlapin, an African chief. Gabarone replaced Mafeking as the capital of the Bechuanaland Protectorate in 1965. The South African Development Community (SADC) makes its headquarters in Gabarone; the organization was formed in 1980 in order to increase economic cooperation among its members and reduce dependence on South Africa. Gabarone is also the seat of the University of Botswana.

Gabarone has a relatively good water supply, which has facilitated growth. Originally it was planned to be quite a small town, but it has grown rapidly, which brought about the need for a larger city dam to provide water supply. For many years Gabarone was the fastest growing city in the world, and even now, is still among the fastest growing cities. Every year, majority of the country's infrastructural budget goes towards improving this city's roads, buildings, and services. Since most of the large buildings are relatively new, the entire downtown area tends to look very modern in architecture, built generally with a mix of Glass, Steel and Bricks.

Today, Gabarone is a vibrant cosmopolitan capital, and is a melting pot of diverse cultures and practices.

The Main Mall is the perfect starting point for your Gabarone holidays. It is the heart of Gabarone with shops, banks, business offices, as well as walkway with people selling crafts and other goods. The civic centre which houses the public library is located at the eastern end of the mall and opposite the civic centre is the Pula Arch which commemorates the countries independence.

The National Assembly is at the top of the Main Mall where it is surrounded by the other tall government buildings. At the centre of this government enclave is a paved square with a War Memorial. There is also a statue of Sir Seretse Khama, Botswana's first President.

National Museum and Art Gallery museum is also worth visiting on your Gabarone holidays. It displays a collection of traditional crafts and painting by both regional and local artists. The museum also has exhibits of San Culture and gives visitors an insight into the history of Botswana.

For nature lovers Gabarone holidays will be incomplete without a visit to Gaborone Game Reserve. It's a small 600 hectare park which is the third busiest in Botswana and is particularly popular with bird watchers as the park has a rich diversity of habitat that play host to many species of birds. The park has a good network of roads from which visitors can see ostriches, zebra, wildebeest, rhino and gemsbok.

There are numerous busy shopping malls offering full range of imported and locally produced goods, excellent restaurants, top international quality hotels, sports clubs various night clubs and children activities - everything you need for unforgettable Gabarone holidays is found here.

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