Fruit Juices Are Best? In Cocktails!

No cocktail-lover can go without fruit juices. Whether a drop or half a cup - fruit juices impart desirable colour and special flavour to your cocktails. This article provides information on how fruit juices are best used in alcoholic cocktails, smoothies, and milk cocktails. Flight of fancy in union with several rules and traditions may produce a delicious drink.

Orange and lemon juices are very common used as basic ingredients in many classic cocktails. Orange juice is one of the most nutritious beverages available. Oranges, lemons, grapefruits, lime are best squeezed fresh. More precisely, they must be squeezed fresh, it really makes difference. All citruses are tart because of tannin agents embodied.

The classic orange juice cocktail is Screwdriver (if you take your time to browse the Internet you may find many curious  facts concerning the secrets of  mixing this particular cocktail) with all its variations. Harvey Wallbanger (Interested? You are welcome to find more information on the issue) is just a tall Screwdriver with a splash of Galliano. Madras (Hey, do not be lazy to find the recipe, maybe someone has invented a new piquant ingredient) is Vodka, Orange & Cranberry Juice.

Lemon Juice is also traditionally considered as classic "cocktail" juice. You should always make every possible attempt to use freshly squeezed lemon juice, it does make a difference. You should use it as an ingredient carefully, because sometimes it may spoil the appearance of your cocktail.

It is often easier to prepare ahead of time the quantity of lemon juice you expect to use during the evening and store this in a glass container that you either keep refrigerated or resting on ice.
And the last about citruses: if you prefer your cocktails tart, don't add liqueurs. If you like them sweet, consider adding a bit of liqueur or blending them with ice cream.

Other fruit juices must not be squeezed just before preparing cocktails. Of course, you may find high-quality fruit juices in supermarkets. But you should remember that "fruit juice" means also a type of soft drink made of fruit concentrate/extract, water and sugar. But only one hundred per cent natural juices are meant in cocktail recipes.

As for cherry juice, try alcoholic fashionable Diva  and non alcoholic Postcard  with pear, cherry, and lemon juices. Sure, cocktails made with bhk squeezed fruits are more tasty and, what is far not the least thing, more healthy. But if you merely have no time for all that cocktail manipulations, you just have no choice. Do not be upset though, your guests will still appreciate your pains.

The Cosmopolitan  is probably the best known cocktail that uses cranberry juice. While I normally recommend fresh sqeezed fruit juices to be used behind the bar, this is one case where bottled (or canned) is fine.

Apple juice is a fine option unless you're trying to lose weight. Apple juice is popular in alcoholic drinks, as Apple Martini (You can find the UK version on the Internetif you wish) or fruity Scarlet Pimpernel (the recipe is available on the Internet as well ).

Small children love taste of pure fruit juice, but often not for the world will drink any milk. A tasty alternative for their mothers is a cocktail containing both fruit and milk. Milk cocktails with addition of fruit juices are health-giving for children and adults. Combination of milk and fruit juices in one cocktail significantly increases its nutritious value. Milk in these cocktails is supplemented with vitamin C, organic acids and trace elements. Milk assimilates better in cocktails; child's immunity will benefit by this.

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