Flights to Malawi - Book Your Trip to the Warm Heart of Africa

Thanks to convenient flights to Malawi, you'll soon notice that it has a lot going for it and is worth slowing down and relaxing in. Malawi's scenery is gorgeous and varied and Malawians tend to be extremely friendly toward travelers. Nature lovers will adore the national parks and game reserves, mountain hiking and plateau trekking. It's time to book a flight and go to Malawi!

Malawi is a landlocked country located in southeastern Africa. It is bordered in the North and East by Tanzania, on the east, south and southwest by Mozambique and to the west by Zambia. Since it is totally unspoiled by the usual tourist trappings, anyone wishing to enjoy this welcoming travel destination can easily book cheap flights to Malawi.

If you are traveling to "the warm heart of Africa" for some sightseeing, you are in for a treat because the people are genuinely friendly, the natural beauty is spectacular, and the weather is idyllic. Malawi has a single wet season, from November to April, when daytime temperatures are warm and conditions humid. May to August is dry and cool. September and October can become extremely hot and humid, especially in low areas.

Average daytime maximums in the lower areas are about 21°C in July and 26°C in January. In highland areas, average daytime temperatures in July are between 10°C and 15°C, while in September they reach 20°C and above. Average nighttime temperatures in the highlands are low, sometimes dropping below freezing on clear nights in July. With perfect weather, beautiful scenery, friendly people and the Lake with its white sand beaches Malawi is a great holiday spot.

Flights to Malawi ticket prices can vary according to a number of factors. To make sure you are getting the best price, follow a few simple steps before booking. The national airline currently only operates international flights between South Africa and Kenya but British Airways flies between Lilongwe and London once a week. There are daily flights to Nairobi from Tuesday to Sunday, from where you can continue on to Europe or the USA. Most international Flights to Malawi from Europe or other parts of Africa use Lilongwe International Airport, although a few regional flights go to and from Blantyre.

For intercontinental flights from Europe, British Airways (with Regional Air) has a weekly service via Nairobi, as well as operating flights Malawi in conjunction with Air Malawi (QM) via the regional hubs of Dar es Salaam, Harare, Johannesburg, Lusaka and Nairobi. Air Zimbabwe, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, KLM and South African Airways offer similar connecting services. Regional links between Malawi and Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe are provided by Air Malawi and the various national airlines.

Flights to Malawi from Lilongwe to London take approximately 12 hours. Lilongwe airport (Lilongwe International) is 26km (16 miles) from the city. Taxis and a bus service are available to the city from the airport. Airport facilities include a duty free shop, post office, local travel agents, car hire, bank and bureau de change, restaurant and bar. There is a coach service to the city. Airport facilities include car hire, restaurant and bar.

The tourist brochures bill Malawi as 'the warm heart of Africa', and the hype is really true. Book your Malawi flight to discover this not yet a real tourist destination and to experience the visiting of the country that is totally unspoiled!

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