Experience Great Adventures During Iceland Travels

With its beautiful coastline, spectacular landscape, magnificent mountains, glaciers, volcanoes, valleys and lakes, Iceland is a land of fascinating beauty boasting contrasting scenery that range from the wilderness areas to towering mountains. However, wilderness is here never far from civilization, which is best seen in Reykjavik, with two salmon fishing rivers flowing within the city limits. One thing is certain; you can experience great adventures during Iceland travel!

From horseback riding and hiking to mountain biking and traveling by car, Iceland offers its visitors a wide range of activities that contribute to memorable vacation experience and make Iceland travel as pleasant and trouble-free as possible. The most adventurous tourists can take advantage of snow-scooters, whale watching, sea kayaking, hunting, angling and river rafting just to name a few, while those looking for peace and tranquility are welcome to enjoy secluded wilderness areas, pure stream water and unpolluted air. Lodging options are diverse as well, ranging from sophisticated hotels and guesthouses to youth hostels and campsites.

Currently Iceland with its chilly name is becoming one of the hottest destinations in Europe that owes much of its popularity to such natural features as glaciers, geysers, hot springs, active volcanoes and lava deserts among others. For most visitors Iceland travels are associated with glacier tours, where they can choose between being driver or passenger. Snowmobiling on glaciers in one of the greatest experiences that enjoy currently great popularity among travelers of all ages.

Recognized as the major snowmobiling attraction in Iceland and the largest glacier in Europe, Vatnajokull offers an extensive choice of sights and routes. Also available are package tours, including coach trips to the glacier or flights from Reykjavik to Hofn in southeast Iceland. Some glacier tour operators arrange trips to Langjokull, Snafellsjokull and Myrdalsjskull. Because glacier tours involve a certain amount of risk, tourists are encouraged to follow the instructions given by their guides. Other types of activities available during Iceland travels include a range of trekking opportunities, with walks ranging from afternoon hikes to two-week wilderness treks.

The best hiking is offered in the remote areas of Latrabjarg, Hornstrandir and Landmannalaugar, as well as in Reykjanesfolkvangur in the backyard of Reykjavik. Skiers are offered good facilities at Blatjoll, Akureyri and Seljanladsdalur, where you can also experience whitewater rafting, sledging, and horse riding and swimming in thermal pools. Angling in Iceland is one of the greatest adventures that can be experienced either from rivers and lakes or from the ocean.

Today as ever, Icelanders take care to protect and preserve their natural surroundings by monitoring the fishing industry, recognized as a significant sector of the national economy. Currently fish and fish products account for nearly 70% of the country's foreign exports. Pristine nature and clean air of Iceland have resulted in the country becoming a favorite location for a number of outdoor activities both among native residents and foreign guests.

In addition to being a renowned destination among anglers, Iceland travels become more popular with hunters, who come here to experience great reindeer and bird hunting. The chance to relax by one of 100 salmon rivers is another great experience of a lifetime and a must-do during your stay in the country.

While planning your Iceland vacation, take advantage of Icelandic Tourist Board, providing data on top lodging, dining and entertainment options the country has to offer.

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