Dunkin Donuts Franchise: Your Flourishing Partner

Dunkin Donuts is the largest chain of baked goods and coffee in the world. It provides its customers with high quality goods since 1950. In 1946 William Rosenberg founded a company, which delivered meals to Boston. As Industrial Luncheon Service was a success, the first shop was opened in Massachusetts. In two years it changed the name from Open Cattle to Dunkin' Donuts.

Franchise can be defined as an investment in a previously existing brand. It is the fastest growing business model in the United States. At present there are more than 2,500 franchises. Franchise ownership offers you a splendid possibility to start your own business. The franchisor, that is the parent company has the right to deprive the franchisee of its approval in case the contract is violated. The business owner sells the products, which have already name and a quality mark. The parent company retains control of its brand image. The fund of the franchise belongs to the owners.

Dunkin donuts franchise is one of the most popular and successful choices available to small business groups. Today the name of Dunkin Donuts is well known in more that 40 countries. It is closely related to the company of Baskin Robins and Togo's. Dunkin donuts franchise if the evidence of its popularity and stability. Dunkin Donuts franchise has been granted to Baskin Robins as well as other companies since they have access to the company's distributional system and brand. Baskin Robins and Dunkin Donuts are visited by millions of clients every week. Dunkin Donuts always seek for new ways of reinforcing cooperation with its partners and strengthening relations with its clients. It provides its franchisees with effective business tools. Dunkin Donuts is looking for partners who will make significant contributions to the markets in Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Florida, Pennsylvania.

The first Dunkin Donuts franchise was licensed in 1955. Since that time many companies have entered in a contact with it, investing their image and brand in Dunkin Donuts. In 2002 the company sold more than 4000 franchises. The number is surprising taking into account the slowdown in the restaurant industry.

Dunkin Donuts serves more than 3 million customers per day. It sells about 50 kinds of donuts, coffee drinks, breakfast sandwiches and serves a variety of fruit drinks. Dunkin Donuts offers its clients a healthy nutritious meal. The Dunkin Donuts center is located in downtown providence, Rhode Island. It was originally known as the Providence civic center. It contains 14.500 seat indoor sports and entertainment places. More than one million people visit it annually. Many shows, concerts and other important events take place there. It is also home arena for the Providence Bruins Hockey Team and the Providence College men's basketball team. In 1988 the arena became home for the New England Streamrollers of the Arena Football League. Those who are interested in sport events, concerts or shows can secure top quality tickets. There are various sites on which tickets are to be purchased. Web-site companies offer tickets at a low price and promise small presents for their clients. They have tickets in store for every sporting event, concert, theatre performance or TV show all over the world. All you have to do is choose the event you are eager to attend. The web-sites can also provide you with the necessary information at any time.

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