Duluth Minnesota and Other Spots of Scenic Wonder

Welcome to Minnesota - the endless miles of scenic lakeshores and rocky hillside beauty. Explore the land of the deep blues of Lake Superior and the whispering of a hidden waterfall. So much to do and see you'll wonder why you didn't book a vacation here a lot sooner! Experience the excitement of city life and the quiet solitude of spacious parks. Discover Minnesota's attractions in Duluth and Rochester.

Duluth, Minnesota has something to offer for everyone. Everyone who's been there says there's nothing like a visit to Duluth. It's a world of scenic wonder, natural beauty, and an all-around great place to get away. Nationally ranked as one of the best and most affordable places to live in America, Duluth isn't simply a great place to spend your vacation this wonderful little city is also one of the top places to work.

It's the home to Soft Center, a European-based business concept that unites technology businesses, educational institutions and government agencies, helping them grow together. Duluth is also home to flourishing aviation companies like Cirrus Aviation, plus manufacturing and health care industries. Beyond that, the schools, cultural opportunities, laid-back way of life and tremendous natural surroundings make Duluth too much for just one trip - you'll want come back and stay a while.

Spend a day on the water and see for yourself why the Lake Superior is a "Great Lake." fined the boat that will take you on an adventure you will never forget.

You can enjoy the wondrous Lake Superior and popular international harbor on fully narrated sightseeing cruises. During the cruise, you proceed under the famous Aerial Lift Bridge into Lake Superior. Then tour the harbor for a close view of busy grain elevators, lake freighters and saltwater ships from around the world. Dinner cruises feature succulent prime rib and Italian herb chicken breasts.

While on board, you'll view beautiful scenery and enjoy the finest in cuisine.
If a day trip is on your agenda, there are many historic sites, scenic drives, unique tours in and around Duluth. You can also spend the day golfing, skiing, hiking, biking and skating.

You'll also find many museums, sightseeing tours, sporting events, casinos and parks in Duluth. Visit the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial that was dedicated on October 13, 2003 in memory and in honor of Elias Clayton, Elmer Jackson and Isaac McGhie - three innocent African American youths murdered in the community on June 15, 1920. Over 4,000 individuals took part in the day long memorial events in downtown Duluth.

For some entertainment there's OMNIMAX where you become involved in the action that surrounds you on the domed screen overhead. A state-of-the-art, multi-channel sound system adds to the experience, transporting you to windswept mountaintops, through deep river gorges and out over beautiful vistas.

Wild life enthusiasts are welcome to enjoy the Lake Superior Zoo. There are hundreds of animals from around the world to see there. Play catch with Bubba the polar bear, get eye-to-eye with muffin the alligator or pet Tang the snake. It's a wild family fun you won't forget.

Located in Olmsted County, Minnesota, Rochester is a city best known as the home of the Mayo Clinic medical center, which now has satellite clinics in several other American cities. There is a large park system in Rochester, with more than 100 sites covering 5 square miles. There are 60 miles of paved trails and a few municipal golf facilities among other athletic facilities.

If you're not sure where to spend your vacation, come to Minnesota, you'll love it.

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