Dordogne valley tourism: a wonderful choice for vacations

Dordogne valley is located in the southwest of France, distinguished by steadily fine weather, welcoming people and remarkable environment. You can prove it yourself. A deal of things can be done there, and it is a perfect place for vacations. Landscapes are amazing, and when there you feel as if you have appeared in some other dimension where the grass is always green and birds never stop singing. You realize very well that our world has a lot of wonderful places to show, Dordogne valley being only one of the list.

Those who have already been to Dordogne valley can tell you about the spirit of pleasure, tranquility and beauty, which reigns on the territory.  It seems like only there, near the river, you can get the peace of mind.  The nature is really beautiful; there are some prehistoric caves in the area, so the excursion to one of them will be found attractive. 

Dordogne valley tourism presents itself an amazingly pleasant occupation when on holidays or vacations.  Thus, a trip to cities, which are located not far from the valley, such as Sarlat or Cahors, will become a decent pastime for the guests of the locality.  These cities are proud of their vineyards, so the local inhabitants are aware of the sense of wine not through hearsay.  Actually, France is the capital of wine producing, so you will find really great makers of this product keeping a baggage of the know-how secrets.

Dordogne valley tourism is increasing in our times.  More and more people visit this wonderful place every year, and they find it beautiful and interesting for rest.  There are some villages near Dordogne, which are no less attractive and have some historical sights on the territory.  For example, the village La Roque Gageac will open to your eyes old castles and some places where the Hundred Years` War events took place.

If you don't know exactly which region of France to visit first choose Dordogne valley vacation.  This place is like a magnet, and you can feel it yourself.  When come there you really don't want to go back home.  Dordogne valley tourism is a perfect option for spending your free time with pleasure, calm and beauty.  The local fauna will make you able to see squirrels, blackcaps, woodpeckers, redstarts and some other wonderful creatures, which will symbolize your closeness to the nature.  After the city hustle this place will seem to you a desert island.

The strange thing about Dordogne valley is that there are no shops there.  A special van comes round and sells products.  Certainly, if you want to buy something big you need to visit a supermarket, which is located a 10 minute drive.  Actually, a perfect alternative to buying food at supermarkets is going to a restaurant.  There are several of them in Dordogne, everyone offering something unusual, tasty and totally amazing.  For example, La Vieille Auberge in Souillac will serve you a good meal for only 17 Euros per person, and be sure to delight perfect dishes and good service.

Dordogne valley is a suitable place for family rest.  A lot of sports activities, such as fishing, golf, horse riding, and cycling are available there to your favor.  You will necessarily find some occupation for yourself.  As for cultural rest, you will hardly be dissapointed by the valley`s museums.  Thus, one of them, the Musee d'Automat, offers to its visitors the exposition of modern technologies.  And the most interesting event of the year is Jazz festival, which annually takes place the third week of July.  A lot of people come there those days to be able to hear new and old Jazz in its integrated, amazing harmony.

Dordogne valley tourism is exactly what is needed for good holidays.  You can stay there for a couple of days, or only for weekend, but you won't have enough time to get bored and will be certainly short of time to see all the sights of the place.  This region is very good for relaxing, so come and see it yourself.

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