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What is Montreal vacation? At first, Montreal is a huge space and a political city, demanding to devote to it the vacation. During Montreal vacation you can know a lot of new things. Here live basically ex-Canadians, and the architecture of Montreal is sustained in the European style. In Montreal vacation you'll see the Notre-Dame - the reduced copy of the Parisian Cathedral, known ex-Canadian university, about three hundred churches, some hundreds parks, one and a half ten bridges, from which most well-known - the bridge Jacque-Cartier. At top of a city hill the 33-meter cross - a symbol of Catholic belief towers. In vicinities of Montreal it is located Laverty national park - the magnificent mounting skiing resort, ready to receive visitors at any time year. Here the tremendous nature and professionally equipped ski lines. But not everyone can allow himself it. Montreal has always played a major role in advancing Quebec separatism, as it's here that the two main linguistic groups come into greatest contact with one another. The tension between English and French culminated in the terrorist campaign that the Front de Liberation du Quebec focused on the city in the late 1960s, and the consequent political changes affected Montreal more than anywhere else in the province. In the wake of the "francization" of Quebec, English-Canadians hit Hwy 401 in droves, tipping the nation's economic supremacy from Montreal to Toronto. Though written off by Canada's English-speaking majority, the city did not sink into oblivion. Instead, the city has undergone resurgence, becoming the driving force behind the high-tech industry that's transforming Canada's economy. Everywhere you look there are the signs of civic pride and prosperity. In the historic quarter of Vieux-Montreal , on the banks of the St Lawrence River, the streets and squares are flanked by well-tended buildings, from the mammoth Basilique de Notre-Dame and steepled Chapelle de Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours, to sleek and stately commercial buildings. Old houses have been converted into lively restaurants and shops, abandoned warehouses into condos and the disused Vieux-Port into a summer playground with landscaped parklands facing onto the St Lawrence. Beneath the forested rise of Mont Royal, downtown's boulevards and leafy squares are alive from the morning rush hour right through to the wee hours, when revellers return from the clubs that pulsate along rue Ste-Catherine and the more intimate bars and lounges of the Plateau and Quartier Latin. Below ground, the walkways of the Underground City and the outstanding Metro system link the nodal points of the city, while towards the eastern outskirts, the Stade Olympique's leaning tower overshadows the vast Jardin Botanique, second in international status only to London's Kew Gardens. In addition, the city boasts some excellent museums. The Centre Canadien d'Architecture has one of the continent's most impressive specialist collections, the Musee d'Art Contemporain is Canada's only museum devoted entirely to contemporary art, and the Musee des Beaux Arts is the oldest fine-arts museum in the country. Equally fine are the museums devoted to Montreal and Canadian history; of these, the Musee McCord has a mint collection of native artefacts, while the Musee d'Archeologie et d'Histoire de Montreal delivers a state-of-the-art presentation of archeological findings at the site of Montreal's founding in 1642. Beyond the city limits, Montrealers are blessed with superb holiday regions, most within an hour or two of the metropolis. To the west, the forested region of the Outaouais makes for great outdoor activities, while to the north the fertile banks of the St Lawrence and the lake-sprinkled mountains of the Laurentians offer a reprieve from muggy summer temperatures and an escape from the winter blues. To the east, the charm of the Cantons-de-l'Est (Eastern Townships) lies in the acres of farmlands, orchards, maple woods and lakeshore hamlets popular among antique collectors. En route to Quebec City, the Mauricie valley, the province's smallest national park, has a web of waterways and lakes amidst a landscape of mountainous forest. For the millions of people that choose Montreal vacation or have to travel by plane on a regular basis; or for the part time traveler there are many ways that you can save yourself some money on your plane tickets. 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