Discover the magic at Hong Kong Disney Resort

On September 12, 2005, the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort was opened in Hong Kong. Currently, the resort only consists of one Disney theme park, Hong Kong Disneyland. Now the guests can stay amidst the magic as they discover the kingdom of thrilling adventures, storybook journeys and favorite Disney characters.
Welcome to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort! On September 12, 2005, the newest member of the Disneyland family of theme parks and resorts opened to the public. Hong Kong Disney Resort is located on the island of Lantau, positioned to look out over Penny's Bay and the Chinese Sea. It is the reclaimed land beside Penny's Bay, at the northeastern tip of the island. Disney World in Hong Kong was built by the Government of Hong Kong and The Walt Disney Company. The Park brings the magic of Disney to a whole new environment and respecting the aspects of the local culture. Feng shui consultants have helped with the layout of the park and the grounds. Incense was burned when the construction of each building was completed, and one of the main ballrooms is 888 square meters large, as eight is an auspicious number in Chinese culture, signifying fortune. Hong Kong Disney Resort consists of one Hong Kong Disneyland theme park, two hotels, and retail, dining and entertainment facilities stretching over 1.3 km².
Hong Kong Disney has some of the same attractions of Disney's other parks. There's Adventureland, with the exciting Jungle River Cruise and all of the animal sights and sounds. Guests can take a ride on a raft to cross to Tarzan Island where they can visit Tarzan's Tree House. Main Street looks like a piece of Americana and there is a musical performance based on the Lion King story ? The Festival of the Lion King.
Hong Kong Disneyland's version of Fantasyland features the castle of Sleeping Beauty, where children can explore the fairy tale. Cinderella is there too, represented by a carousel ride. Children and grown-ups can watch a 3-D movie with all the favorite Disney characters at Mickey's PhilharMagic or The Golden Mickeys at Disney's Storybook Theater. Popular Disney rides include the Mad Hatter Tea Cups and Dumbo the Flying Elephant. Tommorrowland's three main attractions include 2 of the fastest most exciting rides in Hong Kong Disney Park: Space Mountain, the rocketing rollercoaster and Orbitron where you pilot your own jet through the sky of whirling planets. In 2006 a new adventure, Autopia, will have visitors driving futuristic electric cars around the track roads of tomorrow.
There are two hotels in the Resort, the five-star Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and the four-star Disney's Hollywood Hotel, located on the seashore of the reclaimed land with about 1,000 rooms in total. Visitors can choose to stay inside the park at one of these two beautiful new hotels. The Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is designed in grandness of the Victorian era while Disney's Hollywood Hotel is decorated in an art deco style, meant to bring back the allure of the golden age of Hollywood.
The culture of the Hong Kong region is reflected in the cuisine served throughout the Park. Guests can find food that is more often served in the West, but also local dishes that they'll enjoy as well.
Works for Phase 2 Extension is now in progress at the Park and it's expected to be finished by 2008. At that time, construction for another new Disney theme park will be started and the new park will open in 2010.
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