Dining face-to-face with killer whales and sharks at Florida Seaworld

Orlando SeaWorld is one of those theme parks in the United States, which offers its guests unique and unforgettable experiences. It is also one of destinations, which make Florida famous worldwide. This marine adventure park comprises thrilling rides and amazing encounters with animals, including killer whales, dolphins, sea lions, stingrays and many others. And even more than that...

Definitely, Florida SeaWorld is one-of-the-kind marine adventure park. Offering amazing animal performances, educational programs and amusement rides, Florida SeaWorld has a number of VIP programs, specifically designed for those, who appreciate a high style and unique entertainment.

You can dine in Florida SeaWorld "deep sea" restaurant with Shamu, a renowned killer whale of the park, and observe training sessions at the same time. A buffet-style full meal will be located poolside. The Dine with Shamu takes place at the Shamu Stadium and accommodates about two hundred guests per seating. The cost is thirty four dollars (plus tax) for adults and eighteen dollars (plus tax) for children, aged three - nine.

Another option of Florida SeaWorld is to eat at the restaurant with floor-to-ceiling windows, looking into an underwater world of fifty sharks. There is also the Sharks Underwater Grill: guests walk through an underwater grotto into a submarine-like vessel, splendid with a new-age d?cor, and get eye-to-eye to an awe-inspiring, six hundred and sixty thousand-gallon shark habitat. The "deep sea" restaurants serve a variety of delicacies, adult and children's menus, but specialize in fresh seafood, grilled and baked, spicy and sauced. Multiple coffee drinks and a delectable dessert menu are available to complete any meal.

Some more unique experiences of animal encounters are featured in Florida SeaWorld's "Animal Connections" program and the "Beluga Interaction Program", which allow the guests to enter the waters with a beluga whale and other marine animals. The Beluga Interaction program also permits the guests to receive more knowledge on beluga whales and their habitats. The Shark Deep Dive program is for the most adventurous visitors, who in wetsuits and special underwater helmets encounter with more than fifty sharks and bright clouds of fish in their aquarium. Souvenirs and photos are taken to remember the experience; such an experience can never be forgotten.

Florida SeaWorld is nonetheless famous for its world-class and revolutionary shows. One of these is "Blue Horizons", which amazingly combines the grace of dolphins, power of whales and the beauty of exotic birds with the Broadway entertainment, special effects and advanced technologies. The performance of artists in bright and elaborate costumes, dolphins, whales and birds is set to the backgrounds of rising sun, blue sky and deep water, as well as dramatic music, performed by the members of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra.

A general admission for adults (ten and over) is sixty one dollar and ninety five cents plus a tax; foe children, aged three - nine, is forty nine dollars and ninety five cents plus a tax; the admission for children, aged two and under, is free. Discounts are available for members, guests with disabilities and senior citizens. The other varieties of the Orlando SeaWorld tickets permit visiting Orlando SeaWorld and other Anheuser-Bush Adventure Parks, which include SeaWorld Orlando, SeaWorld San Antonio, SeaWorld San Diego, the Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, the Adventure Island, the Water Country USA and the Sesame Place. For instance, "2 Day 2 Park Value Tickets", priced at ninety nine dollars and ninety five cents for adults and eighty nine dollars and ninety five cents for children (ages three - nine), include an entrance to the Bush Gardens Tampa and Florida SeaWorld.

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