Danish blue cheese: a new flavor for your dishes

Blue cheese is known almost all over the globe. The major part of the world's population prefer exactly blue cheeses as the tastiest and most sophisticated. How is such a choice justified? It seems like no psychologist can explain why a lot of people who have tasted blue cheeses cannot reject this dish in future. But what if our organism demands the very this product, our stomach heartily welcoming only blue cheese?

The sorts of blue cheese are divided into national variants: American cheeses, Germany blue cheeses, Danish blue cheese.  All of them have their own particular qualities, so people may prefer blue cheese of some definite country.  Danish blue cheese is particular.  People who have delighted it and become its fans can prove this statement.  Danish blue cheese known as Danablu is light and blue-veined.  Actually, this cheese is good for salads or as a dessert cheese with some fruits.  This cheese is semi-soft creamery and usually drum or block shaped.  Danish blue cheese is made of cow's milk, white or yellowish colored .  The recipe of how to prepare this cheese is not difficult but needs some time for aging - eight to twelve weeks.

Danish blue cheese has its own history: it was first made by a Danish cheesesmaker whose name was Marius Boel in the 20th century.  With its flavor and texture, blue cheese differs from Roquefort.  It is mild, sharp and salty and has a slight metallic taste.  You should try this sort - it is rather interesting.  For people who like traveling and enjoy international cuisines it will be useful to know that the country is also famous for its food.  So, taste cheese and choose exactly that country where cheese is the tastiest.  Moving across the globe, cheese recipes disturb our imagination and make us do something new, something more sophisticated.  A lot of restaurant cooks try to devise splendid, lofty and unforgettable dishes every day.  No respected cafe can go without a menu.  And in all of them you will definitely find dishes with cheese.

You can try bleu cheese recipe of Danish Pie.  For this recipe you will need 11 oz pumpernickel bread, 1 cup of butter and 1 cup of sugar for crust.  For the very cheese pie you need unflavored gelatin, 1 cup of cold water, 4 oz cheese cream, 4 oz Danish blue cheese, 1 cup of heavy cream and 1 lb seedless green grapes.  First you need to prepare the crust.  The temperature in the oven should not be over 250 degrees F.  Bake bread for about 20-25 minutes till hard condition.  Then you need to crush the bread, mix butter and sugar very well till the paste becomes an indiscrete mass.  Bake crust and then cool it while cooking the filling.  For the filling youll need a saucepan where to combine gelatin with water and then heat up, stirring constantly, till the condition will be clear.  Then cool it.  You need to beat cream cheese and Danish blue cheese in a large bowl.  Pour out the gelatin mixture and mix .  Then you need to put this cream on a pie and give several hours for extract of pie.  After this the dish is ready to be delighted with your friends and family members.

Blue cheeses are good in all aspects of our life.  They can give us something more than words can explain, so delight the sophisticated tastes and don't forget to try something new.

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