Dalian Travel is the paradise for beach vacationers

Wedged between the Yellow and Bohai Seas on the southern cusp of the Liaodong Peninsula, Dalian enjoys a five star status as one of China's premiere cities. Compared to the ancient capital cities such as Beijing, Xian, Luoyang, Dalian is a young city with only a 100 year history but it offers some tourist attractions that of a natural caliber.

Situated at the tip of China's Liadong Peninsular, Dalian is a trading and financial center in the Northeastern part of Asia and it has gained the name 'The Hong Kong of Northern China.' Facing the sea on three side and proud of its neatness, Dalian is a beautiful port city. Dalian has a long coastline and is surrounded by small islands.

It's the country's third largest port engaging in foreign trade. Dalian's mild climate and beautiful environment makes traveling to Dalian for the holiday ideal. Dalian is famous for the wide variety of apples it produces and because of thus; Dalian is known within China as 'The Homeland of Apples.'

With one million square miles of lawn downtown and about ten million trees planted in the suburbs, Dalian is one of the country's cleanest cities. The sunny beaches and clearly marked seasons make it a pleasant summer resort. Having the largest harbor in the Northeast, it is an important base of water production for the growth of fruit in China.

Dalian is also the home of track and field and the famous soccer team that has remained unbeaten in thirty nine matches. The flourishing city of Dalian is one of the most prosperous cities in China. The Dalian hotels and the other various hotels in Dalian are very attractive with their colonial legacy of Russian, European, and Japanese architecture. Because it is crossed by colorful trams, the city, exhibits some wonderful temperaments of traditional leisure and modern vigor.

Over the last twenty years, Dalian's emphasis on amplifying its tourist industry ha s helped elevate it to a must visit status, ranking it with other such China heavyweights as Shanghai and Beijing. The center of Dalian travel for entertainment and communication is a panorama of grand building circling a roundabout. In the middle of this circular plaza, thousands of couples practice Western dance with music every night. Other people play badminton or just sit and chat while the children play with dogs. And the best of the city's classic architecture can be viewed here.

Running from downtown Dalian, there is a forty kilometer road known as Binhai Lu winding along the coastline from a North east to a Southwest direction. This coastal area is a paradise for beach vacationers. The famous scenic spots of Bangchuidao Scenic Area, Laohutan Scenic Area, Jinshitan Scenic Area, and Xinghai Square are scattered around this region. In addition to the stunning cliffs and scenic parks; there are many places along the coastline that have good beach resort visitors and water sport lovers. Here you can also sample the authentic Dalian seafood in a fisherman's house for a great low price.

The Dalian beach is a great Dalian travel attraction. It is also a summer resort of national caliber. The beach goes on for thirty kilometers and has many scenic spots such as The Wooden Club Isle, Black Rock Reefs, Mount Baiyun, and Xinghai Park. Jitshittan Summer Resort is another Dalian travel attraction. It is located on the banks of The Yellow Sea. The resort as a beautiful landscape including mountains with lush vegetation, various shaped reef, and a sea side of soft sand and rippling water in the clear blue sea. Dalian travel makes everyone happy.

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