Carnival Glory ship-designed to meet your most sophisticated requirements!

Do you enjoy traveling? Certainly, you do! It is so exciting to get your luggage packed, board on a plane and spend a week or two in some far-away country. Or take a backpack and go hiking up to the mountains a few kilometers away from the place where you live. However, today we are going to merge into the world of luxury, splendor and beauty. We are going onboard one of the most famous cruise liners, the Carnival Glory ship. We will get acquainted with its history, design, routes and facilities.

Let us start with a bit of the Carnival Glory history. In 1972, Carnival Cruise appeared with one used ship and the slogan "we've got the fun". Everybody laughed; no one believed it would ever be a success. In 2004, Carnival Cruise Lines is a parent company to some of the most experienced and largest cruise lines in the world. They also possess a brand new fleet that is second to none. Their slogan is still "we've got the fun" and the competitors are no longer laughing...

There is something for everyone on Carnival Cruise: from young to old, from novice to experienced; from an informal lunch at the pool to a New York styled steak house. Carnival has created a very large presence at the port of New York, as well as the other East and west Coast ports. Many evenings brand new Carnival liners glide past the Glittering Manhattan Skyline, with legions of passengers, looking forward to not only their first, but, in many cases, their 100th Carnival Cruise. The service, the quality, the sensibility of fun-everything is perfect. Carnival no longer is only a Caribbean product, it spans the world!

The pride of Carnival Cruise is the Carnival Glory ship, a five hundred million dollar newest liner, which is the most beautiful in the fleet. The Carnival Glory design is a peculiarity, which cannot be left without attention. With each public, celebrating a different shade of color, this ship takes the "rainbow connection" to a completely new level. Easy-to-read maps in every public room will tell you which way to go to get to your destination. The three-level Amber Palace is the main showroom. It was designed after the famous Amber Room in the Catherine's Palace, outside of St. Petersburg, and features: amber, mosaics, gold leaf columns, a crystal and gold chandelier.

The spacious Ivory Club of the Carnival Glory ship goes back to the English days of the Raja, with murals of Indian gods and goddesses and a theme of elephants, carried out with replicas of tusks, defining the wall areas and supporting tables. The Ivory Club is used for special functions, art auctions and, late at night, for a small jazz ensemble. The Lido buffet is housed in the Red Sails Restaurant.

The Library, in suitable black and white, is small, with as many shelves of board games as books. Many passengers stood around to read the historic newspapers, framed on the walls. The two bi-level restaurants, Gold and Platinum, have basically the same design, with figured woods and lighting around the windows, bringing warmth to the gold and a turquoise sheen to the platinum. The restaurant annexes, Copper and Silver, are used as meeting rooms, but when the ship is packed, with the third and fourth passengers in the staterooms, they will be used for extra seating. Spa Carnival has a Polynesian theme, with a waterfall and green foliage.

The Carnival Glory ship is based year-round in Port Canaveral, sailing alternating eastern and Western Caribbean routes every week. For the Caribbean area, however, November, December, January and February are the best months. It is warm enough to enjoy the wonderful waters and still cool enough to enjoy shopping and hanging out in the ports.
Onboard the Carnival Glory, passengers will find a lively "let's do it all" atmosphere. The constant announcements remind passengers of most of the daily activities. The sheer size of the ship is mostly underscored by the space available. The Colors Bar in the atrium tends to fill up for pre-dinner cocktails. There are still offbeat, out-of-the-way spots, like the On the Green sports bar, The Ivory Club and the Ebony Cabaret Lounge, offering an escape from the crowd. Overall, the Carnival Glory's biggest strength is its appeal to a wide variety of travelers, from families and couples to groups. All this will leave the most remarkable and unforgettable impression on everyone, who has ever stepped onboard the Carnival Glory ship.

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