Countless attractions at West Edmonton Mall

Being the second largest shopping mall in the world, the West Edmonton Mall is a major attraction in western Canada. It is home to numerous top brand retailers, restaurants and services, located on two floors of five hundred thousand sq m area, the world largest parking lot and numerous world-recognized attractions, such as the Galaxyland amusement park, the World Waterpark and the Deep Sea Adventure.

The West Edmonton Mall, a popular and world-renowned entertainment, shopping and convention center is situated in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Its largest in the world parking lot houses more than twenty thousand vehicles, while approximately twenty two million visitors drop in the mall annually. Numerous well-known retailers, such as Abercrombie and Fitch, French Connection UK, Hollister Co., Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger, Swarovski and Zara, have brought their stores in the West Edmonton Mall to provide a high quality and enjoyable shopping experiences.

Families, kids and thrill seekers can find tons of entertainment and fun at the West Edmonton Mall's entertainment facilities. The attractions are so numerous and various that one or another is capable of satisfying the most specific taste. One of the major amusement venues is the Galaxyland amusement park, featuring twenty rides and attractions, including the largest indoor roller coaster Mindbender.

The World Waterpark is the largest indoor water park in North America, covering the area of over twenty thousand sq m (five acres). The highest water slide in the park is the Twister, which is eighty three feet (twenty five point three meters) high. Moreover, the park has the largest indoor wave water pool in the world and a high-speed waterslide, called the Sky Screamer.

The West Edmonton Mall has the Deep Sea Adventure, an indoor lake, which contains a salt-water habitat with performing Sea Lions and a replica of Christopher Columbus' Santa Maria, built during the 1986 World Exposition in Vancouver.

The Sea Life Caverns is another indoor water reservoir at the West Edmonton Mall, where you can see over two hundred species of fish, sharks, penguins and even a Giant Pacific Octopus. Certainly, the sensational Ice Palace is a must see at the West Edmonton Mall as the place of public skating programs, star-studded figure-skating events, hokey practices, great music and sparkling lights.

The West Edmonton Mall also welcomes you to visit its two movie theaters, the Fantasyland Hotel, Jubilations Dinner Theater, Palace Casino, Petting Zoo and many other entertainment facilities. The mall includes several "theme areas", such as Bourbon Street with clubs and restaurants in a New Orleans-influenced setting, Europa Boulevard with shops in an area, designed in a European style, and a vibrant Chinatown.

The mall also provides numerous public educational programs. For instance, the Marine Life Week Camp is a five-day interactive educational program for children to learn about different animals, comprising the West Edmonton Mall's penguins, sharks, turtles and sea lions. Children visit the Sea and Life Caverns daily; watch the animals' feeds and presentations, watch videos and slides, featuring wildlife, attend Sea Lion shows and play games while learning. Such camps are often available during school breaks.

The nice news for many visitors of the West Edmonton Mall is that the mall is to continue its growth and expansion. In the nearest future it will have an additional retail space, a facility for sports, trade shows and conventions, a six hundred-unit apartment building, a twelve-story office building and even more parking space.


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