Copenhagen School of Business - an MBA with a difference

Situated in Copenhagen, a unique city, resembling no other place on the earth, which was named "Northern European City of the Future", Copenhagen School of Business also has its own zest, distinguishing it from all the other MBA Schools. The spice of the MBA program in CBS is the Leadership Discovery Process, offering MBA graduates numerous opportunities to explore what a leadership is and to develop their capacity to exercise this leadership effectively and responsibly, which really brings a benefit to the whole MBA experience.

The mission of Copenhagen School of Business is to change students from managers and specialists into real generalists with good leadership skills, who can display self-confidence in all aspects of starting or running a business. The generalist's ability to see the situation as a whole and to ask the right questions often counts more than the specialists' skill of finding the right answers. To put it differently, the skillful management alone will not do, the leadership is required above all.

Thus, in addition to the fundamental management skills that you would expect from a general master of business administration program, the MBA course at Copenhagen School of Business has developed a comprehensive process for developing your skills as a leader. The Leadership Discovery Process (LDP) is an exciting tour of personal and professional development, lasting for the whole year; something, which is unique in the MBA teaching today. Exercising the leadership requires the first and foremost ability to offer reassurance, a hope and moderation of inevitable stresses that an organization life involves and only after that providing a direction, inspiriting the others and controlling the progress. Not only books and experts will help you evolve into a leader, but also experienced executives. You will get your mentor and learn from the real life and real people.

The LDP is not simply an intellectual exercise; instead, it is a creative process of discovering and formulating your own unique identity as a leader, using your past experiences, current situation and future aspirations as an initial point.

The LDP at Copenhagen School of Business consists of four interdependent activities.

The Leadership Fundamentals Track covers essential principles of the LDP by means of lectures and exercises on topics like leadership styles, teams, emotional intelligence, values, ethics etc.

The Individual Coaching Track focuses on the personal development. Each participant's personality is assessed, defining the breach between what already exists and what might be necessary to develop.

The Executive Practice Track involves a number of talks with the CEOs, senior executives and acknowledged leaders, who will lift the curtain of exercising the organizational leadership, reveal the difficulties and challenges of their work, share their personal experience and speak frankly about what they reached, how and why.

The Leadership Mentoring Track represents a sequence of workshops, where small groups of students and senior executives meet to discuss leadership issues on a personal level with a close and direct contact, favoring the interchange of values and wisdom.

Although the mentors at Copenhagen School of Business are Danish, they have a vast amount of the international experience and what they can teach the students, coming from a wide range of cultural origins, is the Scandinavian leadership style. The distance between the senior management and junior management is short and the management style is characterized by the involvement. It means that employees are to take the responsibility themselves for their work; something that furthers their motivation. This style of leadership gives enormous advantages in today's business, as a top manager can no longer control every section of his enterprise - it has become too complex. It is like trying to embrace the immensity.


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