Cooking with Colby cheese

Colby cheese is the first cheese, which was originally invented in the United States of America. Though such a famous cheese making state as Wisconsin makes more than 350 different styles of cheese at its manufactures, the recipes of all of them were imported from the European countries. And only this type, first made in 1874, can be by right considered as a true American cheese.

Perhaps, the world's most favorite cheese is Cheddar, famous for its long history and really delicious flavor.  Still, Colby cheese is called 'American Cheddar' not in vain: it is, indeed, similar to this famous cheese, having but some peculiarities.  Thus, Colby cheese is softer, milder and moister than the cheese of Cheddar.  It can be easily explained if know the technology of Colby making.  The Colby making process called washed-curd is connected with proper whey washing out from the future cheese.  And the very this process ensures the absence of acidity and the delicious flavor of Colby.

But due to its soft structure, Colby cheese is seldom used in cooking.  Its most common and popular use is a table cheese.  You can also add it to salads and snacks or grate and grill if necessary for the recipe.  Americans say this sort of cheese is perfect with hamburgers and hot dogs.  If you are curious about what drinks to serve with Colby make use of French cooks who advise red wines, beer and apple cider.  Apples are also good in their natural looks as well as tomatoes, pears and mushrooms.  The best bread to be a match to this cheese is rye.

Colby cheese is very useful for health and is to be present in a daily diet of everybody.  In this case you will be never short of calcium and proteins.  This delicious and highly popular cheese contains only 4,5% fat, so it is quite suitable for those who like dietetic food; the content of calcium is about 22,8% and that of proteins exceeds 8%.

But when you are going to use this cheese in cooking you should remember some simple rules.  First, use only low heat for melting the cheese and blending it with other ingredients.  Or else, your natural cheese will become tough.  A long cooking process also leads to product toughing.  Better grate, cube, slice or dice cheese before cooking, and the melting process won't take you a lot of time.  If the cheese is expected to top open sandwiches, pizza and vegetables cover cheese with bread crumbs before baking in the oven.

Each culture and nation has its own traditional dishes, and if talking about bread pudding there is a wonderful recipe of bread pudding with Colby cheese.  To make it you will need hot water, raisins, brown sugar, cinnamon, butter, toasted and cubed white bread, cooking spray, cheese, heavy cream and powdered sugar.

The first step is to combine water and raisings and let them stand till the latter plump.  Then drain raisins reserving liquid.  Boil this liquid together with cinnamon, brown sugar and butter.  Put onto the baking dish a half bread and cover with a half cheese and half raisins, then repeat the layers.  Pour the sugar liquid over the bread and bake at 350 degrees for an hour.  Beat the cream with a mixer and serve it with the ready pudding.

It is a real pleasure to eat such a course.  Your children will be totally happy to delight this sweet dainty, and though it is very easy to prepare you will have an opportunity to cook it quite often.  Besides, you may find a lot of different ways of how to use Colby cheese to your most liking, and thus, your table will always be different.  So, let cheese help you in cooking of simple, but wonderfully tasty dishes.

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