City Breaks in Bruges -- an Ideal Option for Romantic Getaways

One of the best preserved medieval cities of Northern Europe and perhaps the top tourist destination in Belgium -- Bruges is a city full of enchanting medieval streets, outstanding museums, beautiful churches, atmospheric restaurants and cafes and charming canals. The city, known by many as the "Venice of the North" also offers old city walls, beautiful public gardens, great shopping, several historic breweries and an array of fantastic places to enjoy your weekend. You can't go wrong with city breaks in Bruges - it's an ideal option for a romantic getaway!

Cobble-stone streets, ancient buildings, picturesque canal bridges and some of the world's best samples of medieval architecture -- all this and more can be found in Bruges, the wonderfully preserved Flemish gem. Over the years the city has established itself as the most popular tourist destination in Belgium and one of the most visited cities in the world. Visit the medieval charm of Bruges and you'll steep into unique atmosphere of enchanting museums, beautiful medieval buildings and towers, offering a glorious view of the captivating city.
Whether you are planning city breaks in Bruges or romantic weekend getaways check the recommended "Top Ten Things to Do" in the city, designed to help you enjoy your vacation to the utmost.

Recognized generally as one of the top attractions in Belgium, Groeninge Museum features a wonderful collection of 15th to 20th century paintings from the outstanding European artists. The top attraction of the museum is the renowned collection of Flemish Primitive art, as well as masterpieces by Baroque and Renaissance masters and Realist and Neo-classical paintings from the 14th century.

Built between the 18th and 15th centuries, the Church of Our Lady is home to one of the greatest cultural attractions in the nation - Michelangelo's marble sculpture of the Madonna and Child, made in 1504.

While on city breaks in Bruges, consider the stay at Hotel Aragon, one of the top hotels in Belgium, nestled in the historic center of the city. As soon as you enter cozy apartments, you'll enjoy the atmosphere of comfort and well-being. All guest rooms are decorated with charm and style with a wide range of modern amenities, including mini bar, air conditioning, free safe, high speed Internet access, color TV and more. The hotel has been recently renovated and re-opened in 2003.

City breaks in Bruges is a wonderful option for families with children, with an array of facilities for kid's activities found around the city. Among those enjoying the greatest popularity is Boudewijn Theme Park and Dolfinarium, located in the southern suburbs. This popular attraction has something to offer to children of all ages, including paddleboats, rides, dolphins and a lot more things to do and see, ensuring fun for the entire family.

Whether you want to purchase some diamonds or enjoy the art of diamond polishing, consider a visit to Bruges Diamond House, offering a wide selection of top quality diamonds in both classical and modern designs. It is definitely one of the must-see when on city breaks in Bruges. And don't forget your credit card.

Perhaps the most popular tourist activity in Bruges is taking a boat trip along the city, which will take you on the memorable adventure through the old magnificent bridges along the city's canals.

To enjoy the finest dining visitors are welcome to Pandreitje, one of the best restaurants in the city, located in a Renaissance-era house turned into the elegant XVI century setting. You'll be offered a variety of Belgian dishes, the best of which include the salad of Dublin Bay and sea bass served with parsley sauce. And though the prices are somewhat higher than average, the unique dining experience is worth the extra money.

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