Choose from a Wide Range of Trekking Tours to South America

Arguably one of the most exciting pastimes, traveling can be a great eye-opener to the world surrounding us. However, many people refrain from this pleasure due to lack of funds. Today, when a number of inexpensive travels are available worldwide, that shouldn't be a barrier to traveling. The most affordable, though not the most convenient way to travel to many destinations is trekking which allows you to focus on your priorities and do some research while getting value for money. Trekking tours offer a chance to see the sights and get some rigorous exercise at the same time.

Whether you are an outdoor adventurer, an archeology enthusiast or a party lover in search of a great time, South America offers such a diversity of travel options that you are sure to pick up something suitable for you. Today South America trekking is recognized as a wonderful opportunity to enjoy ancient monuments and endless beaches, wonderful cultural sites and historic landmarks, lost cities and remote jungles. Choosing from a wide variety of South America trekking tours, you move closer to the exotic and mysterious of the unforgettable cultural fusion.

One of the most popular South America trekking tours, Vilcanota Llama Trek allows you to explore treasures of the remote back country of the Andes. You'll share the trail with llama herders beneath the highest snow-covred peaks of Peru and enjoy spectacular Nevado Ausangate at the heart of Vilcanota Range, the pristine region of sparkling lakes, ice fields and towering peaks. At high elevations travelers are offered the view of Andean geese, soaring condors and flamingos.

Archeology, cultural interaction, bird watching, wildlife viewing, hiking, nature expeditions - all this and more can be experienced during one of the most exciting trekking tours, Andes and Amazon Explorer. This two-week exploration jam is packed with diverse experiences that include cruising timeless Taquile Island and trip to the high-altitude pristine Lake Titicaca. You'll have a wonderful opportunity to explore the fascinating beauty of the Amazon rainforest, wondrous Inca ruins, streets and palaces of Cuzco and exciting Machu Picchu.

Another fantastic traveling option, Empire of the Incas is a multi-faceted diverse trip during which you'll enjoy a stay on Taquile Island, explore spectacular Lake Titicaca and trek the five-day Inca Trail to picturesque Maccu Picchu, known also as the Lost City of the Incas. Nature lovers will be delighted to take a trip to the Andes to enjoy fantastic mountain panoramas and diverse wildlife. Ranked with the most widely reputed trekking tours, Incas and Llamas are particularly suitable for those interested in historic and cultural heritage of the Incas. After enjoying forest beauty and the Royal Inca Highway's ruins leading to Machu Picchu, you'll join the high-altitude trek to the
heart of the Vicanota Range. Except for adventurous mountain trekking, you'll enjoy Cuzco's remarkable Inca sites and the Sacred Valley of the Incas, as well as world-class shopping and museums of Lima.

Two of the most spectacular adventure destination in the world, Machu Picchu and Cuzco can be explored during Machu Picchu Odyssey, a fully-customized program available all-the-year-round. Local guides will introduce you to the wonders of the destination as one of the components of South America's exploration.

Another wonderful option for nature lovers, Manu Biosphere Reserve is regarded as the most pristine and prolific rainforest reserve worldwide and home to nearly 850 bird species and the myriad monkeys, ocelots, otters and jaguars. You'll spend from three to nine days exploring beautiful rivers and hiking the rainforest trails.

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