Choose among the variety of outdoor adventures

The beneficial impact of ecotourism on the national economy has prompted many travel companies to include more outdoor oriented activities to their tour programs. As a result, there are a variety of nature tours, trips, and excursions to choose from that are aimed at revealing the beauty of the world's landscapes. Whether you want to explore the wilderness or one of the national preserves, please take advantage of the nature tours.

Today outdoor adventures enjoy wide popularity with both adults and children because they are given the great chance to move closer to nature and to disclosing the beauty of its landscapes. They are designed to appeal to tourists of all ages and to provide a variety of options to suit any and all tastes.

Among the most popular outdoor adventures are trips and excursions to the national parks and preserves, which are home to many rare samples of fauna and flora. One of the most popular tourist destinations is Yellowstone National Park, located in three U.S. states: Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. It is regarded as the oldest national park in the world. Yellowstone is attractive because of its geysers and hot springs, as well as the unique combination of flora and fauna represented there.

Today, the national park offers a wide range of outdoor adventures for the entire family that range from guided walks through fascinating areas to exciting fishing trips. One of the greatest experiences is to view the two prominent National Parks in one day. The two National Parks are Yellowstone and the neighboring Grand Teton National Park. The photographer and the guide will capture the most beautiful wildlife moments.

One of the great outdoor adventures can be experienced in Niagara Falls State Park, featuring one of the greatest natural wonders in the world. Unlike other wonders that can be found in not accessible locations, Niagara Falls is located in a small city fifteen miles north of Buffalo and almost 150 miles southwest of Toronto. The twin cities of the falls are called the Honeymoon Cities, owing to their popularity as a honeymoon destination. The best season to visit Niagara Falls is in the summer when all of the attractions are available. Those people who choose to visit it in winter can enjoy the spectacular view of ice mountains that are formed by the falls. You can enjoy the beauty of Niagara Falls from both Canada and the United States.

The best panoramic view is seen from the Canadian side because it is full of tourist attractions. The United States side is rich in picnic areas and you can walk along the rim of the falls. The most beautiful view of Niagara Falls opens after dark, when it is illuminated by changing colored lights. The Cave of the Wind Tour is another exciting experience. You will be taken to the rocks of the American falls where you will feel the power of the spray and of the wind. There are many other popular attractions, including a number of museums, exposition halls, and amusements arcades.

One of the greatest ways to spend a weekend is on Wildlife Safari Tours, which are aimed at creating educational and exciting holidays for all ages. You will witness such phenomenon as the annual migration of polar bears that occurs along the Hudson Bay Coast. Enjoy Manitoba bird watching tours stating in Winnipeg and view Beluga whales in the Churchill River estuary. All the beauty of marine wildlife will open before your eyes and professional guides will point out the peculiarities of each species. On these fond and thrilling trips, you can experience canoeing and kayaking which are regarded as the most adventurous and fastest growing sports.

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