Change Your Life for the Better with the Show Starting Over

Introduced by the production company Murray Productions, in 2003, the show Starting Over is a reality show, following the diverse and changing group of women, who strive to make radical changes in their lives while living together in the same house. They are joined by two life coaches Iyanla and Rhonda, who help the women set and achieve certain goals during their stay on the show.

Like any other reality show, the show Starting Over features six participants, who are selected to live together in a house and have their lives filmed for entertainment purposes. All the participants are women, working on some physical, mental or emotional issues under the guidance of two world-famous life coaches - Iyanla Vanzant and Rhonda Britten, and psychologist Dr. Stan Katz. For its third season the show Starting Over has been enjoying great popularity, dealing with issues that are faced by many women in everyday life. The cast, which opened the second season of Starting Over had a wide range of problems and vital issues to work on.

The Board of Review takes place once a fortnight and features two women, being judged on their progress by the life coaches and a jury of peers. Thus, one woman graduates, while another is asked to leave the house of the show Starting Over. While not designed for everyone, the show does have more benefits as compared to other reality TV shows. With Starting Over, the viewers are provided with the opportunity to face some vital issues and make important life changes along with the participants of the show. In its third season the show inspired a great number of viewers with dramatic stories of nearly fifty women, who have managed to make positive changes in their lives. Encouragement, help and support from the life coaches and teammates are seen here as determinant to each woman's success in changing her life. The recent initiative Tell Your Friends You Are Starting Over will help fans of the show activate the support of their friends as they pursue their own goals. Thus, much of the show Starting Over success is due to the support, encouragement and love that the women share on the show.

The aim of Starting Over is to reach millions of women across the United States, who want to introduce some major changes to their lives, but need the support and encouragement of others to do that. Since its introduction in 2003, Starting Over Show has earned enthusiastic reviews from numerous fans and critics. In 2005, it won the Daytime Emmy Award in the category Outstanding Special Class Series.

Currently the Show boasts the largest concentration of women aged 18-49 of any nationally syndicated program. The show management claims Starting Over is currently sold in over 95% of the United States for its third season. The Show is distributed by NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution, regarded as a leading company in providing entertainment programs to both domestic and international marketplaces. At present NBC Universal includes a daily series with Blind Date, Access Hollywood, Martha Stewart, Maury and Jerry Springer Show in addition to the show Starting Over. Upcoming weekly syndicated programs at NBC Universal include the George Michael Sports Machine, the Chris Matthews Show, the Wall Street Journal Report, Your Total Health, Rebecca's Garden and off-network distribution of Fear Factor, Crossing Jordan and Providence. Among special programs are a series of Remarkable Journey specials, Good Housekeeping Reports and a collection of feature films.

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