Chambers of Commerce Network is Your Key to Successful Business

Dedicated to internationally dedicated business activities, the Chambers of Commerce Network, also known as WCN, is your key to being a prosperous business in the 21st century. It provides a platform from the chamber's best business exchange and fosters a comprehensive business information exchange on a wide range of issues such as services products, markets, resources, and technology.

Managed by the G77 Chambers Trade Network, The International Chamber of Commerce, The Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, The Euro Chamber, the Chambers of Commerce Network is composed of 10,700 chambers representing about 30 million business members from all continents. Currently, the chamber of commerce organization is recognized as the world's largest organization with some of its members being in business for more than 400 years.

The Chambers of Commerce Network mobilizes the chambers of commerce to work at one Internet location that is And it is also the partner site of, which is geared toward corporate members of the WCN. It is the only website for chambers of commerce all over the world.

In addition to providing a platform for the exchange of the chamber's best practices and for facilitating communication and other international business opportunities the web site of the Chambers of Commerce Network also provides the chambers with the chance to promote their SME members. Thus, by using the Global Business Exchange Service for WCN, small and medium sized companies can do business effectively and as inexpensively as possible just as large multi national enterprises do business. Provided by WCN is also B2b Trust Info which is the international business chamber validation seal program.

The Chambers of Commerce Network enables the chambers to provide their goal of providing business support which usually means providing solid marketing intelligence, developing an attraction for international business chances, and opening new contracts for new clients.

The Chambers of Commerce Network getaway links officially the virtual Internet power to the global business network of 12,000 registered Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Boards of Trade. The latter represent millions of businesses worldwide. The WCN is the official Chamber of Commerce and Industry hub for trust and verification services, for international trade and other business related services. As such, it serves both Chambers of Commerce and Industry and its partners, depending on their application. WCN offers a wide variety of services to help companies expand their national and regional markets, increase sales and expose, and lower costs for growing and dynamic businesses. It also exchanges business information on products, services, resources, and markets, and establishes electronic commerce networks that link companies and their clients all over the world, and enables each Chamber of Commerce and Industry to serve as a unique content provider being electronic commerce facilitator for its locale.

Recently, the WCN launched an e-club which is an online marketing service that aims at providing chamber members with global marketing and e-commerce chances. This service enables all chamber members to send a business chance to potential clients via e-mail all over the world. The e-club application is supported by the IBM Global Services via the IBM Global Network.

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